Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Memory...

15 years ago today, on November 13, 1996, my grandma (Granny) passed away.  I can't believe that she has been gone more than half of my life!  If she were alive today she would be 92 years old.  I miss you, Granny.

Also, I would like to apologize for my prolonged absence.  I have been given extra duties at work which often have me working 12 hour days.  By the time that I drive 30 miles home, all I want to do is eat dinner and go to bed.  I promise that I haven't forgotten you all, and that I will be back soon with new posts.

Missouri Michael


  1. Your Granny looked so lovely. I miss mine too. They hold a special place that nobody else can ever fill. Sounds like life is super hectic right now. Hope that it slows down some soon...

  2. Hi. Thanks for taking the time to post again. Missed you! My "Mamaw" just celebrated her 99th birthday and we had a party for her. But not a real big party -- she wants to have the big celebration next year when she hits 100!


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