Friday, April 30, 2010

Movie Friday: Ma and Pa Kettle

The Ma and Pa Kettle movie series started from the movie The Egg and I, in which Ma and Pa and their clan were characters, but not the main characters.  Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride...Ma (Marjorie) reminds me so much of my Granny.  My grandparents bought the whole series (I think) on VHS for my sister and me back in the early-mid 1990s.  I'll have to dig them out sometime and convert them to DVD.  Marjorie Main played a similar "trailerite" character in the Lucy and Desi movie "The Long, Long Trailer."

Ma and Pa Kettle have 15 children (they would have their own show on TLC these days) and in this movie, Pa enters a slogan writing contest so that he can get a new tobacco pouch and winds an amazing house of the future.

If you haven't watched a Ma & Pa Kettle movie, you've really missed out!  Great old fashioned family comedy!

I tried to find a clip to show the amazing mid-century house that they won, but was unable to find a clip online.  As a teacher, I do however enjoy this fun clip featuring Ma and Pa teaching a math lesson on how 25 divided by 5 is 14.  You...well, you'll just have to watch the clip to see how this one works out!

I don't think that the above math clip is from the movie I'm featuring today, but from one of the others in the series.  Still, it's good clean fun!

Have a fantastic Friday!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Barco!

The Barco Drive-In Theater opened 60 years ago today, April 29, 1950, right here in my hometown.  This is one of the few theaters in the state that has been in continuous operation and never closed.  There are several open in the state at this time, as can be seen here, but very few have been in continuous operation all their life.  Many closed and were then later reopened.

The Barco is a landmark in this small town.  The screen was constructed so that there were living quarters inside it for the owner.  That is why the screen is so deep, it doubled as a house.  The only thing that has been replaced is the sign in front telling what movie is showing.  The house next door is where the owner lives.  In the past year or so, the theater began operation by the same organization that runs our historic Plaza Theater (I'll share the Plaza in a future post).  The original owner passed away and the community desired the Barco to remain open.  Find a need, fill a need, so the community stepped up and found a way to keep it open.  60 years under the stars (61 seasons)!

Happy birthday Barco!  Here's to 60 more years.  I've included photos of the theater as viewed from the highway, the sign by the highway, and a shot of the snack bar, projection house, and bathrooms, which are all in one building.  The theater has a 400 car capacity.  I've also included an aerial photo, found on Google Earth.

The original speakers which attached to the door of your car were replaced at some point with an FM radio transmission system so you can hear the movie over the stereo in your car.

It's such a fun place to go on the weekends, and there are always good movies showing.  Most of the movies are family oriented, as they gather the largest crowds.  One of the best things about going to a movie at the Barco?  Playing chicken with the other cars to get out of the parking lot at the end (this is where driving an old car comes in handy)!

For more photos and information on the Barco, visit the Barco's Facebook page here.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ed Sullivan Wants YOU to Drive a 1956 Mercury!

More people voted Mercury the #1 value over 10 other cars in it's class!  Mercury value is provable value!  Gotta love that big M beauty.

What ever happened to the days where the spokesperson for the show you were watching did the advertisements for their sponsors?

These old commercials always make me think of Lucy and the Vitametavegamin commercial.

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've Started the Bathroom Collection...

So, I did decide to go ahead and find vintage photos to make a collage for the wall in the bathroom.  I'm specifically looking for photos of people and their cars, but this group also has people with a bus and a plane (also pretty cool).  I found a person on Etsy selling a stack of 9 vintage photos for $3, so I snatched them up.  Most sellers want at least that much for one photo.

The above photo is marked July 4, 1949 on the back.  That old convertible sure looks like fun!

This photo is dated June 3, 1951.  Big Ridge Park, TN. Bertie and Howard.
This photo only has a stamp on the back from the processing studio.  "Peoples Studio, 133 S. Gay St., Knoxville, Tenn."

No information on this photo taken in front of a National Trailways bus.

No information on this photo either, the woman sure was dressed up though, fur stole / scarf and all!

Another unmarked photo.  The car that this girl is standing in front of has suicide doors, though.

No markings other than "May 56" for the processing date.  Look at that beautiful ranch house in the background!

This young lady is sure dressed up and ready to go!

Three women, I'm wondering if they might be Daughter, Grandmother, and Mother.  This scan didn't turn out very well, but two of them have large corsages on.  It looks like there are some flowers starting to come up in the yard behind them, so I'm guessing it's Easter.  Oh, and check out that beautiful convertible to the left of the photo!

I'm still trying to figure out how to make this collage.  My original plan had been to individually frame each photo, but getting frames this small and in such strange sizes will be difficult.  I though about building some, but that's a project that would never get finished.  I'm thinking one big poster frame now with a black poster board background and making the collage on that.  I'll have to pick up a frame once I get enough photos and play around with it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Treasure Haulers

So, occasionally we get glimpses of the treasure haulin' vehicles of other bloggers, such as Mick's Lincoln (seen here) and Maria's Escape (seen here).  I'm of the opinion that a good vintage treasure huntin' person has to have a nice large treasure hauler.  After all, how are you going to get that beautiful piece of Heywood Wakefield, that Kroehler Chair, or that piece of Broyhill Brasilia home without something large to accommodate it?  So, in that spirit, today I am sharing my treasure haulin' kids.

First, you really need a nice big truck to get those big things.  Here's my 1992 Ford F150.  Like most of my possessions, this one was a bargain.  I have had it 2 years now, I had to put a new transmission in it, and I've put about four thousand miles on it.  He's also had new tires and motor work (it was a cheap truck after all) and it needs a little more work, but it runs pretty well, and since it's an extended cab, I can put all the big stuff in the bed and all the fragile stuff in the back seat.  I've had it pretty full before!

Now, my other treasure hauler, my car.  I kind of outgrew this a couple of years ago and so I got the truck.  No more calling Dad to come with the truck to pick stuff up.  Still, a nice big car is great for out of town trips and filling up with finds at that flea market that you just happen to come across on a trip somewhere.  My treasure haulin' car is...

...a 1996 Buick LeSabre.  She's got 52,000 original miles on her.  She's my daily commuting car, and for such a large car, gets amazing gas mileage.  I can take her out on the highway and get 29 to 30 miles per gallon out of it, and my usual combined mileage for city and commute driving is in the 25 miles per gallon range.  My little Grand Am's didn't do any better than that, and they were smaller with 4 cylinder motors.  I've always been a fan of the big, full size car.  I prefer rear wheel drive, actually, but the LeSabre is a front driver.  Incredibly comfortable, she floats down the road, having that classic boulevard ride that was once a signature of American cars, you barely feel a bump in the road.  Add an interior that is about the same as two sofas, and you have a great road trip car.  A good thing, too, as it's going to Texas and Colorado this summer!  My great aunt and uncle bought this new in 1996 and when I bought it from my great aunt when she went in to assisted living 2 years ago, it has 26,000 miles on it.  An average of just over 2,000 miles per year up to that point!

So, what's your treasure hauler?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a Day!

So, yesterday, I was dreaming of a day of no rain for a great city-wide garage sale.

(Blind Melon - No Rain)

But instead, we had a day that brought this:

(Jars of Clay - Flood)

(How about that creative way I found to incorporate a couple of my favorite music videos from the 1990s? - I know that the songs are neither really about no rain or floods, but they are both good songs.)

So, after getting everything set up Friday night (we're about half set up in this photo):

And having a night of light sleep making sure that I'd be up in time, I was greeted with cloudy skies.

Around 7:30 or so, it started lightly raining, and then it started pouring.  We covered everything up, waited for the rain to lighten up, and quickly shoved everything into the living room here at the Shack.  It's a mess.  We're going to try again next Saturday.  We would have used the garage, but it's full with other stuff.

So, once the mess was picked up, I went out to a few sales.  Most of them were pretty picked over by this point, but I had my hopes up, as it was really dead for a city wide garage sale day.  Not as many people ventured out in this nasty weather.

Here are all of my finds:

I nearly fell over when I went to a sale and sitting there was a pile of boxes marked NuTone.  I picked one up and here's what the label said:

Recessed toilet paper holders in the Coronado style.  New in box. 14 of them.  They all came home with me.  Only one problem - look above the bar code and you'll see what I'm talking about.  Still, they're nice and heavy duty, not like the flimsy thing in my bathroom now.  I'll have it switched out soon.  They aren't marked Hall Mack, but the part number indicates Hall Mack, I believe, with the letters "HM" at the beginning.  I'll probably be selling some of these.  I don't have 14 bathrooms!

I also found a vintage metal cart, which will have a meeting with a can of spray paint this summer. $4.

Here's the pile of the rest of my finds:

Up first, this fun gold mermaid bathroom towel ring - 50 cents.

Look closely, do you see what I see?

Hall Mack!

A box of vintage blue Christmas ornaments- 25 cents.

A beautiful red-orange ceramic thing.  Another piece that I'm not quite sure what it's purpose is, but I love the color.  $1.00.

Vintage Glasbake divided baker.  I've been trying to look online for this pattern.  Does anybody know what it is called?  50 cents.

A fun yellow-green with gold fleck planter.  It's pretty small, maybe 6 inches in length.  $2.00 (one of my pricier purchases).

Brown planter.  I'll have to pry that block of florist foam out of there.  50 cents.  It's not new, but not really old either.  Maybe late 1980s or early 1990s is my thought.

Small vintage Club Aluminum pan.  I have a set of these already, and I use the little one all the time.  $1.00.

Vintage Fire King ramekins.  I think that I'm going to have to learn how to make creme brulee now.  I don't think that those three in the stack in the back have ever been apart - they still have their original paper dividers between them.  75 cents for all 7.

Finally, a little keepsake from the old O'Sullivan Industries factory that was here in town for years.  O'Sullivan made ready-to-assemble furniture.  After several decades in town, the old girl took one last breath, rolled over and died a few years ago.  Now we're left with a big empty factory on the edge of town, right across from the city park.  We're also dealing with staggering unemployment (which is slowly getting better) as at it's heyday, the factory employed close to 1500 people in town and also had locations in Utah and Virginia, with our local factory housing the head offices of the corporation.  I believe that there were still around 700 people there when it closed.  It will be interesting to see what the population of the town is when the census is finished.  I'm  sure that it has dropped since the 2000 census.  A friend of mine used to work in the offices at the factory, and gave me a little memento as she had several of these left after the place closed down.  A nice tape measure with the company logo.  Free!

Now, here's hoping we can have the sale next week!  Have a beautiful Sunday!

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Little Poem...

Twas the night before garage sale
And all round the Shack
Every creature was stirring - even someone's cat
The tables were set in the yard here and there
Knowing that 7AM soon would be here

The treasures were strung out all over the land
As we madly dashed from place to place with things in our hand
Mother brought her futon, my sister her new American Eagle jeans
And I filled in the rest with so many things

When out by the street an old car stopped with a clatter
And we had to look up to see what was the source of the chatter
Out piled a family, so many in that little car
Was it a clown car?  It was so bizarre.

"Y'all sellin' stuff tonight?" asked a woman,
The leader of the clan.
"Please come back tomorrow," we politely said.
Still on they came, a wild glint in their eye,
Eager to be the first through this sty.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour,
They gathered their finds, and we no longer had to cower.
Into the car they piled again
Making us wonder if all would fit in.

Able to return to our chore,
We finally finished setting up our temporary store.
The tent set up to keep us safe from the sun,
Knowing that boxing up the remnants would be no fun.

The tables were covered with plastic with care,
To protect the treasures hidden there.
We said our goodbyes, knowing that all too soon,
We would be getting ready for the rush, what a frantic tune!

As they got into their cars, to return home for some sleep,
I quickly cried out, in more than a peep:

Now Mother, Now Father
Now Megan, My Sister
To the end of the loop, and round the bend
Make it safely home and back again!
Tomorrow's a nightmare, oh what have we done!
We must surely work in the sun!

So, my poetic skills stink.  And, the part about the people in the car didn't happen, but at least I had a little fun coming up with this!  Here's hoping that tomorrow's a success!

Movie Friday: The Gnome Mobile

This is one of those Disney Classics that a lot of people haven't heard of.  When I was little, and cable television was still relatively new (remember those cable boxes with about 30 different buttons, one for each channel?  You pushed the button for the channel you wanted, requiring you to get out of your chair) we had the Disney Channel.  At that time, they showed a lot of their old movies from the 1960s, and this was one of my favorites.  It seemed like they showed it a lot, and I always had to watch it when it was on.  I think the allure was the great old car, the "Gnome Mobile."

It features the stock Disney actors and actresses from the period.  Seems like the same people were in almost every Disney movie (or maybe that's just me).  Most notably, at least to me, is the double role of Walter Brennan.

Anyway, here is a Wikipedia article on the movie, if you're interested.

Also, here is a link to You Tube, it seems that the whole movie has been uploaded on there.  We'll see how long it stays up before You Tube removes it.

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not Vintage, But...

I absolutely love this song and the video.  The song is so much fun, and all of the old toys in the video make me feel like a kid again!  I'm not old enough for the vintage stuff I find to give me a walk down memory lane, but this video sure does!

Have a great Thursday!  I'm still working on that garage sale stuff...hopefully I'll have a post that I can put some time into Sunday or Monday.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's My Line? Nancy Sinatra & Tommy Sands

You Tube is getting to know my vintage viewing habits.  It now suggests great videos to me instead of me having to go searching for them.  This is a really fun clip, and I get a kick out of the fact that Tommy Sands is embarrassed because he went on air in a light colored suit before it was spring.  How funny!  You never hear that old fashion rule any more.  I know that I break it all the time - I like to wear light colored and bright clothes in the winter, makes the days more cheerful!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Garage Sale...

My posting may be kind of light this week...our city-wide garage sale is this week, and I am frantically going through all my stuff and clearing out.  I have so much stuff that I buy and never use - it's all got to go.  I'm tired of the cluttered house.  I'm even to the point that I don't care how much I get out of it.  I just want it gone.  I absolutely hate having to price all of this stuff.  I'm trying to price it cheap enough that I don't have to put it away again.  I still have 2 storage sheds to go through (neither are full, but both need to be gone through to get rid of some stuff).  The race is on to see if I can get it all done in time!

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Weekend at the Lake...and a Couple of Finds

Friday I took the travel trailer to work with me so that I could head out to the lake as soon as I got off work.  It was raining when I left work, but quit a little bit before I got to the campground.  Never fear, it started raining on the campground just as I was backing the trailer into my site.  Sigh.

So, here are a couple of pictures of the view from my site.  The lake was beautiful this weekend (once the rain stopped, that is).

Here's my "rig" or, more accurately, my parent's "rig".

I know that many people are fans of vintage campers, and I enjoy their style.  But, I'll have to say that when I purchase my own camper, it's going to be a newer model.  When my parents purchased this camper, it won out over the others we looked at for one big reason.  The framing is all welded aluminum.  There is no wood framing in the whole trailer.  Traver trailers are notorious for getting roof leaks, once this begins, it is almost impossible to stop, and the damage is already done (believe me, we've had several wooden framed RV's, I do know what I'm talking about).  Now, I know that some of the trailers back as far as the 1950s had aluminum framing.  I would consider one of these.  I laugh each time I read an ad for "previous water damage, but leak repaired" I've fought that battle too many times, I know better.  In addition, with a modern trailer you get more conveniences, older trailers might give you a place for a port-a-potty, but modern trailers, mostly, have a full bathroom.  Add to that central heat, central air, a full kitchen and a slide-out queen size bed, and I'm sold.  No sleeping on foam seat cushions here.  The only thing missing is the retro style that I would really like, but for weekend trips, it is nice to leave retro behind sometimes.  In case you're wondering, the trailer is an Outback, by Keystone, model 25RSS.  It's very similar to this, except that the sofa and dinette are reversed, the sofa is in the slide, and the dinette is a little smaller.

So, what do I do at the lake all by myself?  Well, I really don't care for water, believe it or not, so I don't swim (it's way too cold for that now anyway).  I sit at the campsite and read.  Ah, just me and a stack of books - that's paradise!  Lately, I've been working on the Percy Jackson series.  I like to keep up with what my students are reading.

Saturday morning I had a late scheduled church meeting, which was incredibly important for me to be at, so I drove home for a few hours, making sure to get back in town early enough to go to a couple of garage sales and stop by my house to take a shower (so much better than a campground shower).

Here's what I picked up:

A Federal Glass Soup and Sandwich Set.  Setting for 4.  The lady at the sale said she got it new in 1954, and I'd say from the look of it, it's been in this box ever since.  $3.  I think that I'll break them in this fall with grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  There were also 3 matching snack sets in clear glass for $2.50 each, but they really didn't appeal to me.  They were the same age, I hope another retro lover picked them up!

I also found this attractive wooden night stand.  I'd say it's from the late 1960s or early 1970s.  I bought it for my great-aunt, who lives in an assisted living home.  She has one that was left behind by a previous resident and the drawers keep falling out of it.  So, for $10 I picked up this attractive piece to replace the broken down piece.  Someday, I'll get it back, and it will most likely go in the living room.

So, there ya go.  I went back the the lake after my church meeting and stayed for another 24 hours or so and came home.  The only thing that would have really made my trip nicer would have been if I hadn't had nightmares about work each night.  Federal Programs will be the death of me yet.

Have a great Monday!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Movie Friday: The Wizard of Oz

I read earlier this week that the man that played the munchkin coroner who pronounced that the wicked witch of the east was dead passed away.

So, in honor of Meinhardt Raabe, who played the coroner, this week's movie is the 1939 classic, The Wizard of Oz.

I can still remember watching this on TV each year when I was little.  I haven't watched it for several years now.  This movie, based on the book by L. Frank Baum, features the unforgettable Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale.  Dorothy finds herself swept away from an approaching tornado and whisked off to the magical land of Oz.

Dorothy sets off on an adventure to "follow the yellow brick road" after Glinda, the Good Witch of the North advises her that the Wizard of Oz can help her get back to Kansas.  Along her journey, Dorothy meets many colorful characters that join her in her journey, all seeking help from the wizard.

You can read all about the movie at the Wzard of Oz Wikipedia entry.

Have a great Friday!  I'm headed to the lake after work - no post until Monday!

And The Winner Is...

I had 9 entrants for the Better Homes and Gardens book giveaway for reaching 50 followers.  In case you don't remember, here is the book:

So, here is the list of 9 entries for the giveaway.  I'm sorry to say that nobody received an extra entry for guessing the mystery photo, but I sure did enjoy seeing what ideas everyone had!

I went over to and used their random number generator, and here's what came up:

Entrant number 4 was Vonlipi.  Congratulations!

This book is going to Canada!

Volnipi, please send me an email at culdesacshack (at) gmail (dot) com with your shipping information and I'll try to get it in the mail at the beginning of next week!

If I don't reply until Sunday, don't worry, I'm not avoiding you, I'm just going to be without computer access for a couple of days!

I'm excited to see that I'm now up to 57 followers.  I can't decide if the next giveaway will be at 75 followers or 100.  Or, maybe I'll do it when I hit my 300th post.  Who knows.  Thanks for following Cul-De-Sac Shack and have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

So, What Was that Mystery Photo in the Giveaway Post?

There were some valiant attempts made to identify the mystery photo in my giveaway post.  So, now that the entry period has closed, what was that white thing?

Well, let's zoom out a bit and see what we come up with.

Any guesses yet?  Here's another hint:

Now I know you've guessed it!

Here's the front:

This is my favorite metal lawn chair (which really needs a good cleaning after the winter).  This one is a rocker, the only rocker that I have in my collection.  On a nice sunny spring or summer afternoon, you can most likely find me sitting in this chair, under a shade tree, with a Pepsi in one hand and a good book in the other.

I really thought that Mick might get this one right, as he has the ability to spot these chairs from great distances!

Maybe I should make this a regular feature on the blog...guess the mystery photo...I could find all sorts of fun things to have you guessing about!

Come back tomorrow for Movie Friday and to discover who the lucky giveaway winner is!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bathroom Art...

I've been trying to decide what to do about artwork for my bathroom now that I have it repainted.  I have come up with two ideas, and I would like some feedback from my readers.  I value your input (although I reserve the right to do whatever I want ;P).

First, I have several Ansel Adams poster prints that I had hanging in my last house.  They are from the Mural Project and are beautiful black and white prints.  I just never felt like I had the right place for them once I moved to the Shack...the house seemed to be taking me in a different direction.  They are currently in black plastic frames, but I would most likely reframe them in some nice black wooden frames.  I'll just have to dig them out of storage.  Here is one of my favorites:

My second idea is to start collecting old photos of people and their cars, and make a collage on one of the walls of these pictures.  Once again, I would frame the pictures in black frames.  I find several of these type of photos on etsy.

Here's are a couple of examples:

So, I'm torn.  I love these old photos and the cars (and even the long forgotten people), but I also love the beautiful works of Ansel Adams.  One more thing I'll keep in mind - I already have the Ansel Adams prints, I would need to purchase the vintage photos.  Those photos just seem so much more personal!

Last Day to Sign Up For the Giveaway!

Just a reminder that entries for the 50 follower giveaway will end at midnight tonight!  Check out the cool book and all the details here.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sneaking Around to Write a Post

Hi everyone!  I've managed to escape from my conscience for a bit - I still haven't priced garage sale stuff, and he's going to be upset when he realizes this, so I haven't much time.

I found this really fun advertisement for the 1964 Impala last night and thought that it would be great to share on the blog.  I could see myself in a 1964 Impala Sport Coupe, couldn't you?

And just a reminder - my 50 follower giveaway is still taking entries!  I love that book I'm giving away, when I bought it at the bookstore back in February, I bought two copies, one for me and one for this giveaway.  Good thing I did - because you wouldn't be able to get my copy away from me!  All you have to do is leave a comment on the linked post, and you're entered!  If you want a chance for a second entry, try your hand at guessing what the mystery photo is!

Have a great Tuesday, I can't believe that my little sister turns 25 today!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Michael's Been Bad

Hello.  This is Michael's conscience.  I have taken over the blog today, as Michael must be punished.  You see, Michael went to yet another estate sale yesterday.  Michael would like me to add that this was an auction type sale.  I don't know whey he feels the need to clarify that.  I have warned Michael numerous times that it is time to stop the estate sale habit.  He keeps bringing home stuff that he will never use, and he doesn't seem to be very good at getting rid of any of it either.  He just fills up empty spaces in his house.  He keeps telling me that he just can't pass up such a good deal.  I tell him that he doesn't try hard enough.

Here's part of our conversation yesterday.  Things that Michael said are in RED and things that I, Michael's conscience said, the one who really knows best, are in BLUE.

MICHAEL!!! Another sale!  Really!

Yes!  You should see all the neat stuff I...

Look at this!  You have covered your bed with boxes!

Um...yes I did...

You didn't make your bed this morning!  And, I told you not to bring anything else home! 

You did?

I can see that you weren't listening to me get that trait from your dad.

Hey!  That wasn't needed.  I didn't turn out to be like my mom or dad!

Yea, you just keep thinking that.

Anyway, did you see all of this amazing clear glass and crystal that I got?  I cleaned up the leftovers on the table for $4!  What a deal!  It filled 4 boxes!  Some of it is brand new in it's original box, and the EAPC (Early American Prescut) pieces are the same pattern as those poor punch cups that got broken in Mick's accident.

I see, what are your plans for it?  Do you have a way to use it?

Um...not most of it...  But hey!  I got it all for the price that they were selling one piece for when they were selling choice piece...I even gave a couple of pieces to a lady from my Sunday School class that was at the sale.

And you bought the leftovers - the unwanted stuff.  At least you got rid of a couple of pieces when you gave away those things to your Sunday School classmate.

Did you see this flat full of milk glass, colored glass, and decorative plates that I got for $2?  There's some cool stuff in there!

Um yes, nice, sure...more junk in my opinion.

But just look at it!  I think that little pink footed bowl might be depression glass!

I'm depressed just thinking you spent money on all this.

Look at this great Pyrex bowl I got for $1.

Okay, I like your Pyrex collection.  I'll let this pass.

I also finally found an Atom Pop!  It even has it's original box and everything!  I got it for $1.  You can't beat that.

At least it's new, even if it has been in that box for at least 50 years.

And I found these fun little pink deer figurines!  They were only $2!

But the one has a chipped antler, and most of the decorative rhinestones are missing!

Oh, um, well, I kinda didn't notice the antler until after I had put them in the truck.  Sorry...


I got a shadow box from the 1950s and a clock from the 1970s for only $2 each!

Does the clock work?

Um, I don't know, the battery connections are kinda might not.

I see.  More wasted money.

Boy you are really cranky today!

You keep buying stuff...that's why I'm cranky!

I got this fun quilt for $3!

Well, I suppose you can never have too many blankets.

I got an avocado green velour tablecloth and a gold velour bedspread also.  The tablecloth even has matching pom poms!  They were just $1 each.

Oh, those are so 1970s.  Yuck.

As you can see, it was necessary to punish Michael for his purchases.  Unneeded stuff.  This simply can't be tolerated.  He tried to tell me that he only spent $18 and that was the least he'd spent at an auction for a long time.  I reminded him that he could have used that $18 to help go toward the trip to Mick's this summer or even his road trip to go hiking in Colorado.  I've put my foot down.  No more.  I have taken Michael's blog posting privileges away from him for the day, and he must spend that time getting all of this extra stuff ready for a garage sale.  Maybe if he sells some of it, he can get some money for his summer trips.

If Michael is good today, he'll have a post for you tomorrow.  Thanks for your understanding!

Michael asked that I remind you all to sign up for his 50 follower giveaway if you have not already done so.

I should make him give the winner all of this stuff that he brought home today.