Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a Day!

So, yesterday, I was dreaming of a day of no rain for a great city-wide garage sale.

(Blind Melon - No Rain)

But instead, we had a day that brought this:

(Jars of Clay - Flood)

(How about that creative way I found to incorporate a couple of my favorite music videos from the 1990s? - I know that the songs are neither really about no rain or floods, but they are both good songs.)

So, after getting everything set up Friday night (we're about half set up in this photo):

And having a night of light sleep making sure that I'd be up in time, I was greeted with cloudy skies.

Around 7:30 or so, it started lightly raining, and then it started pouring.  We covered everything up, waited for the rain to lighten up, and quickly shoved everything into the living room here at the Shack.  It's a mess.  We're going to try again next Saturday.  We would have used the garage, but it's full with other stuff.

So, once the mess was picked up, I went out to a few sales.  Most of them were pretty picked over by this point, but I had my hopes up, as it was really dead for a city wide garage sale day.  Not as many people ventured out in this nasty weather.

Here are all of my finds:

I nearly fell over when I went to a sale and sitting there was a pile of boxes marked NuTone.  I picked one up and here's what the label said:

Recessed toilet paper holders in the Coronado style.  New in box. 14 of them.  They all came home with me.  Only one problem - look above the bar code and you'll see what I'm talking about.  Still, they're nice and heavy duty, not like the flimsy thing in my bathroom now.  I'll have it switched out soon.  They aren't marked Hall Mack, but the part number indicates Hall Mack, I believe, with the letters "HM" at the beginning.  I'll probably be selling some of these.  I don't have 14 bathrooms!

I also found a vintage metal cart, which will have a meeting with a can of spray paint this summer. $4.

Here's the pile of the rest of my finds:

Up first, this fun gold mermaid bathroom towel ring - 50 cents.

Look closely, do you see what I see?

Hall Mack!

A box of vintage blue Christmas ornaments- 25 cents.

A beautiful red-orange ceramic thing.  Another piece that I'm not quite sure what it's purpose is, but I love the color.  $1.00.

Vintage Glasbake divided baker.  I've been trying to look online for this pattern.  Does anybody know what it is called?  50 cents.

A fun yellow-green with gold fleck planter.  It's pretty small, maybe 6 inches in length.  $2.00 (one of my pricier purchases).

Brown planter.  I'll have to pry that block of florist foam out of there.  50 cents.  It's not new, but not really old either.  Maybe late 1980s or early 1990s is my thought.

Small vintage Club Aluminum pan.  I have a set of these already, and I use the little one all the time.  $1.00.

Vintage Fire King ramekins.  I think that I'm going to have to learn how to make creme brulee now.  I don't think that those three in the stack in the back have ever been apart - they still have their original paper dividers between them.  75 cents for all 7.

Finally, a little keepsake from the old O'Sullivan Industries factory that was here in town for years.  O'Sullivan made ready-to-assemble furniture.  After several decades in town, the old girl took one last breath, rolled over and died a few years ago.  Now we're left with a big empty factory on the edge of town, right across from the city park.  We're also dealing with staggering unemployment (which is slowly getting better) as at it's heyday, the factory employed close to 1500 people in town and also had locations in Utah and Virginia, with our local factory housing the head offices of the corporation.  I believe that there were still around 700 people there when it closed.  It will be interesting to see what the population of the town is when the census is finished.  I'm  sure that it has dropped since the 2000 census.  A friend of mine used to work in the offices at the factory, and gave me a little memento as she had several of these left after the place closed down.  A nice tape measure with the company logo.  Free!

Now, here's hoping we can have the sale next week!  Have a beautiful Sunday!


  1. I have the same kitchen cart and box of ornaments! Great finds!

  2. I love those kitchen carts. They come apart really easy so you can clean the chrome legs (if they need it) and spraypaint the shelves. Red??

  3. I want that mermaid towel ring SOOOO bad

  4. I'm sorry you got rained out, but that cloud had a silver lining, I see. Great finds!

  5. Pretty funny -- instead of selling things you ended up buying things. Love the color and shape of the greeny-gold planter.


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