Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've Started the Bathroom Collection...

So, I did decide to go ahead and find vintage photos to make a collage for the wall in the bathroom.  I'm specifically looking for photos of people and their cars, but this group also has people with a bus and a plane (also pretty cool).  I found a person on Etsy selling a stack of 9 vintage photos for $3, so I snatched them up.  Most sellers want at least that much for one photo.

The above photo is marked July 4, 1949 on the back.  That old convertible sure looks like fun!

This photo is dated June 3, 1951.  Big Ridge Park, TN. Bertie and Howard.
This photo only has a stamp on the back from the processing studio.  "Peoples Studio, 133 S. Gay St., Knoxville, Tenn."

No information on this photo taken in front of a National Trailways bus.

No information on this photo either, the woman sure was dressed up though, fur stole / scarf and all!

Another unmarked photo.  The car that this girl is standing in front of has suicide doors, though.

No markings other than "May 56" for the processing date.  Look at that beautiful ranch house in the background!

This young lady is sure dressed up and ready to go!

Three women, I'm wondering if they might be Daughter, Grandmother, and Mother.  This scan didn't turn out very well, but two of them have large corsages on.  It looks like there are some flowers starting to come up in the yard behind them, so I'm guessing it's Easter.  Oh, and check out that beautiful convertible to the left of the photo!

I'm still trying to figure out how to make this collage.  My original plan had been to individually frame each photo, but getting frames this small and in such strange sizes will be difficult.  I though about building some, but that's a project that would never get finished.  I'm thinking one big poster frame now with a black poster board background and making the collage on that.  I'll have to pick up a frame once I get enough photos and play around with it.


  1. A great collection!

    You could figure out your layout on a black mat board and then take it in to a framing place to have them cut windows for each of the prints. They charge by the cut, so it will be spendy. Or you could buy a mat cutter and do it yourself. Just practice A LOT on scraps before you start cutting your big mat board.

    Another suggestion is to put scans of your originals in the mat board and store the originals somewhere safe, dry, cool and dark. When the scans fade, print out new ones. The prints are going to fade when you get them on the walls, exposed to room light.

  2. Great photos! I was going to suggest the same thing Maria said -- place them in a big frame, with windows cut out in the mat for each photo. My in-laws did this with their family photo Christmas cards from the 50s, and it looks great. I agree with Maria that you might want copies made of the photos, to make sure they don't get faded or affected by moisture in the bathroom.


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