Friday, April 23, 2010

A Little Poem...

Twas the night before garage sale
And all round the Shack
Every creature was stirring - even someone's cat
The tables were set in the yard here and there
Knowing that 7AM soon would be here

The treasures were strung out all over the land
As we madly dashed from place to place with things in our hand
Mother brought her futon, my sister her new American Eagle jeans
And I filled in the rest with so many things

When out by the street an old car stopped with a clatter
And we had to look up to see what was the source of the chatter
Out piled a family, so many in that little car
Was it a clown car?  It was so bizarre.

"Y'all sellin' stuff tonight?" asked a woman,
The leader of the clan.
"Please come back tomorrow," we politely said.
Still on they came, a wild glint in their eye,
Eager to be the first through this sty.

Finally, after what seemed like an hour,
They gathered their finds, and we no longer had to cower.
Into the car they piled again
Making us wonder if all would fit in.

Able to return to our chore,
We finally finished setting up our temporary store.
The tent set up to keep us safe from the sun,
Knowing that boxing up the remnants would be no fun.

The tables were covered with plastic with care,
To protect the treasures hidden there.
We said our goodbyes, knowing that all too soon,
We would be getting ready for the rush, what a frantic tune!

As they got into their cars, to return home for some sleep,
I quickly cried out, in more than a peep:

Now Mother, Now Father
Now Megan, My Sister
To the end of the loop, and round the bend
Make it safely home and back again!
Tomorrow's a nightmare, oh what have we done!
We must surely work in the sun!

So, my poetic skills stink.  And, the part about the people in the car didn't happen, but at least I had a little fun coming up with this!  Here's hoping that tomorrow's a success!


  1. Haha stink?! I thought it was great!

  2. Who says you're not a poet?! I liked it!

  3. Oh, I totally believed it about those people, because it happens every time I have a sale. I love your poem. :o)

    Radar picture of Missouri looks pretty awful. I hope you get lots of customers anyway.

  4. Thanks everyone...

    Maria - almost every sale I've had in the past had early shoppers the night before - I just got lucky that they didn't show up this time.

    The rain was awful today. I packed it all up and am planning on having it another day. I managed to sell a whole $7.60 worth of stuff before being rained out.


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