Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Finds

I found another beautiful vintage chair!  This one was found at an estate tag sale (my second one - I still prefer auctions).  I did a double take when I read the price tag: $15.  I think that I can use it in the bedroom-to-den conversion, but if not, I'm sure that I'll be able to get my money back out of it.

It's Missouri made!  Bishop of Lebanon - Lebanon, MO.  When I first saw the chair, I felt certain that it was Kroehler.  My mistake.  The chair has faded some over time - it was originally more of a darker purple-brown color, as can be seen in this piece that is hidden under the cushion.

I think that it's going to go really well with the Kroehler chair.  They're both really comfortable.  Now, I'm still looking for that elusive sofa to finish the group.

Other finds:

The First Family album from 1962 - 25 cents.

Vintage car planter - no maker's mark.  $1.

New York World's Fair mug - 1964-1965.  25 cents.

I really like this Hazel Atlas white, pink and black sugar bowl.  Too bad the matching creamer wasn't there.  Oh well, 50 cents.

I'm not exactly sure what exactly this is.  A double vase?  Who knows.  I think that it would be great to store artist's paintbrushes in.  I was really attracted to the color.  $1 for the whatchamacallit.

Large vintage postcard of Summit Hotel on Mount Summit in Uniontown, PA.  Not sure of age, it's unused so there is no postmark to help, but my guess would be 1920s or 1930s.  Looks like this place is still around and still open!  It's also listed on the National Register of Historic Places, according to their website.  A pretty nice piece for $1.

Have a great Monday!  It's my last day of Easter vacation before returning to work to begin two fun filled weeks of administering the MAP test to our students.


  1. I am so impressed with your chair discoveries. I love it that the new one is from Lamar, Missouri. My folks have so old friends from their teaching days who live there and I'll have to ask them (via letter; they don't use email!) if they remember Wheeler Furniture.

    Congratulations, once again!


  2. Great finds! As for that aqua thingy with the handle, a friend has something shaped like that which she uses to carry silverware from the kitchen to the dining table or out to the picnic table. If I had it, I probably would put my husband's collection of chopsticks in it. Very versatile! Love the little car planter.

  3. Oops...I meant Lebanon...they do live in Lebanon, Mo.!

  4. Is all that stuff in YOUR garage? Wow!!! Love the carry thingie and I'm thinking utensil carrier, too. I have to cool it on estate/yard/garage sales and thrift stores for awhile so I'm going to live vicariously through you and others. Glad you enjoyed the little range booklet--it just HAD to go to you!!!!

  5. That Turquoise double thing, is for Pencils and Pens! My dad has one in solid red that he keeps on his desk, with pens, pencils, a ruler, stuff like that. Awesome chair find! The Planter is pretty nifty too :)

  6. Love the chair and it's nice to see you have a dirty little storage secret too, full of wonderful things!


  7. Yeah, I thought Kroehler when I first looked at that chair, too. It looks so comfy. A reading chair for sure.

    And I apologize for telling you about Hazel Atlas because I see you're buying it on purpose now. :)

  8. Yup, I have a dirty little storage secret as well, only I had to rent mine. The shed in my back yard is full as well, as is part of my garage. I really need to clean out some stuff and resell it. This little house is bursting at the seams!

    Maria - thanks for telling me about Hazel Atlas, their mark is so hard to see, it makes it a challenge to identify them!

  9. Hi there, I stumbled across your blog and noticed that I have the same exact brown Kroehler chair in my storage are welcome to it if you would like to have a matching set. You would just need to arrange for shipping. I can send pics if you are interested.

  10. Michael, HA made a lot of canning and coffee/pickle jars. I love to use them as canisters.

  11. Mike, do you have another console radio!? Im thinking of getting another one thats a "to far gone to be saved" junker and turning it into a bar.

  12. Mick, I have two of the older style upright consoles. I have refinished the Majestic, and the one in the picture here is an Airline made by Montgomery Wards. It's my refinishing project for this summer. I'm going to use it to put my TV on when it's done. If you get the junker, save the internal components - don't throw them away.


  14. Love the chair. We saw a sofa last week here in Norfolk that would have been perfect with it, the same scale and similar tufting pattern in the back, in sort of a mauve/gray color, priced at $49. I thought about it all day and the next day it was gone, I wouldn't have had room for it anyway, but knew it was a good buy for someone.

  15. The CHAIR. 15 dollars. Criminal.

    I see that "First Family" record everywhere I go, it must've been gangbusters-popular in 1962. Love the cover.


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