Monday, April 19, 2010

My Weekend at the Lake...and a Couple of Finds

Friday I took the travel trailer to work with me so that I could head out to the lake as soon as I got off work.  It was raining when I left work, but quit a little bit before I got to the campground.  Never fear, it started raining on the campground just as I was backing the trailer into my site.  Sigh.

So, here are a couple of pictures of the view from my site.  The lake was beautiful this weekend (once the rain stopped, that is).

Here's my "rig" or, more accurately, my parent's "rig".

I know that many people are fans of vintage campers, and I enjoy their style.  But, I'll have to say that when I purchase my own camper, it's going to be a newer model.  When my parents purchased this camper, it won out over the others we looked at for one big reason.  The framing is all welded aluminum.  There is no wood framing in the whole trailer.  Traver trailers are notorious for getting roof leaks, once this begins, it is almost impossible to stop, and the damage is already done (believe me, we've had several wooden framed RV's, I do know what I'm talking about).  Now, I know that some of the trailers back as far as the 1950s had aluminum framing.  I would consider one of these.  I laugh each time I read an ad for "previous water damage, but leak repaired" I've fought that battle too many times, I know better.  In addition, with a modern trailer you get more conveniences, older trailers might give you a place for a port-a-potty, but modern trailers, mostly, have a full bathroom.  Add to that central heat, central air, a full kitchen and a slide-out queen size bed, and I'm sold.  No sleeping on foam seat cushions here.  The only thing missing is the retro style that I would really like, but for weekend trips, it is nice to leave retro behind sometimes.  In case you're wondering, the trailer is an Outback, by Keystone, model 25RSS.  It's very similar to this, except that the sofa and dinette are reversed, the sofa is in the slide, and the dinette is a little smaller.

So, what do I do at the lake all by myself?  Well, I really don't care for water, believe it or not, so I don't swim (it's way too cold for that now anyway).  I sit at the campsite and read.  Ah, just me and a stack of books - that's paradise!  Lately, I've been working on the Percy Jackson series.  I like to keep up with what my students are reading.

Saturday morning I had a late scheduled church meeting, which was incredibly important for me to be at, so I drove home for a few hours, making sure to get back in town early enough to go to a couple of garage sales and stop by my house to take a shower (so much better than a campground shower).

Here's what I picked up:

A Federal Glass Soup and Sandwich Set.  Setting for 4.  The lady at the sale said she got it new in 1954, and I'd say from the look of it, it's been in this box ever since.  $3.  I think that I'll break them in this fall with grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  There were also 3 matching snack sets in clear glass for $2.50 each, but they really didn't appeal to me.  They were the same age, I hope another retro lover picked them up!

I also found this attractive wooden night stand.  I'd say it's from the late 1960s or early 1970s.  I bought it for my great-aunt, who lives in an assisted living home.  She has one that was left behind by a previous resident and the drawers keep falling out of it.  So, for $10 I picked up this attractive piece to replace the broken down piece.  Someday, I'll get it back, and it will most likely go in the living room.

So, there ya go.  I went back the the lake after my church meeting and stayed for another 24 hours or so and came home.  The only thing that would have really made my trip nicer would have been if I hadn't had nightmares about work each night.  Federal Programs will be the death of me yet.

Have a great Monday!


  1. I agree with you about the trailer, totally. Sometimes the real world makes more sense, and there's nothing like a leaky trailer roof to ruin a fun time. I like to get away by myself, too, and I love to take the dog and a pop-up tent to a state park in Florida, even though I always think there's an alligator just outside waiting to gobble us up!

  2. I've written a time or two that despite how much we all love vintage, you still have to "live" with it. If a modern trailer works best for you, then by all means, use one!

    On a slightly related topic, I used to do a lot of tent camping in my young days. Hung out with some of the rock climbing front-runners at places like Joshua Tree here in CA (before it was a popular sport).

    They used to laugh at the people who showed up in trailers, thinking it silly to sit and watch TV at night when the idea was to be out in "the wild".

    Yeah, so did I, until I did a decade of field work that involved tent camping in remote areas for long periods of time. That burned me out of tent camping for good! From now on, it's trailer or hotel! Ha ha...

  3. Hi. How great for you to have the opportunity to get out in a camper and away from home for a bit. It's a great way to recharge the batteries. My parents discovered trailer camping in the 60s, and it's how we took our family vacations for many years. I can't speak at all on construction, left those worries to my parents! Hey, it's so sweet of you to take care of your aunt. I bet she'll love that pretty little nightstand.

  4. My husband would agree with you about vintage trailers. He took the scamp to the coast this weekend for a surf trip and had to spend 3 entire days last week rewiring the whole thing. When he got there, no propane. I think he's about ready to say bye-bye to vintage when it comes to trailers.

  5. I enjoy camping too! All of our Local Eagle Scouts, have vintage trailers haha as bad as it seems thats part of the deal (for winter camping mostly) when you get your Eagle your then allowed to bring a trailer! Iv been looking for one (and might actually put Nick at decades a go-go on the job of finding one) If'n I ever get one it will double as a guest house at the C.H.&R so naturally it has to look vintage! Have you seen the repro-Scotty trailers?! The Look of vintage, with all modern conviences and aluminum frame!

  6. Yeah, what Mick said. :) I want a modern camper that just LOOKS vintage.


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