Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Springtime at the Shack

As we move into the outdoors time of year, I'm going to be sharing a lot more of the exterior of the Shack.  After all, my blog is not only about my fun retro finds, but about the house as well.  My original intention was for it to be mainly about the house.

Probably about once per week through the flowering season I will be sharing photos of different plants in my yard, and how things are changing throughout the year.

Above, you can see one of the few tulips that came up this year.  I planted probably around 50 bulbs in fall of 2008, and they all came up beautifully last year.  I followed the advice of a local gardener last summer after they had bloomed.  This year, only 7 came up.  Next time, I'm gonna dig those boogers up after the blooming season.

The quince is getting some beautiful blooms on it.  This isn't the prettiest bush in the world, though.  I have no idea how old it is, but it's been at the Shack long before me.  It was wild and badly overgrown, and my attempts to prune it while keeping it looking natural were marginal at best.  Maybe if it had been better taken care of when it was younger...  It also has evil thorns that you have to watch out for when you mow around it or prune it.

The daffodils are all done, except for this late bloomer.  This has amazing blooms!  What do you call this type?  I personally would call them double blooms.

I swear I could sit and watch the leaves grow on this tree!  On Saturday, my young River Birch had no leaves on it at all.  Just look at the little leaves in this photo that I took on Monday!  Amazing!  God's creation never ceases to amaze me.

Have a great Tuesday!  We start state testing today, so the next two weeks are going to be awfully long.


  1. what happened with the tulip bulbs? What did the gardener tell you that screwed up the blooms?

  2. I was told that I didn't need to dig them up as long as I let them die completely down to the ground and then cut them down. That obviously didn't work. Or maybe it was the unusually harsh winter that we had.

  3. yeah, it was harsh here too, I don't think any of the Cannas are comming back. Normally here, any bulb plant will come back if you leave it in the ground. oh well.....

  4. I was told to throw a little bone meal down with the tulips. Then ignore them. This advice keeps mine coming up every year like champs. My daffodils are another story though.....

  5. About those tulips... I live in Nebraska (quite north of you) and as a master gardener I can tell you tulips don't always perform as we'd like. The first year, yes... but then in subsequent years not so much. The nasty winter we've had doesn't help either. I would check with your local extension office for specifics about tulip care in your zone. Mine are just now blooming and if the deer don't eat them, I'll take pics.


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