Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bathroom Art...

I've been trying to decide what to do about artwork for my bathroom now that I have it repainted.  I have come up with two ideas, and I would like some feedback from my readers.  I value your input (although I reserve the right to do whatever I want ;P).

First, I have several Ansel Adams poster prints that I had hanging in my last house.  They are from the Mural Project and are beautiful black and white prints.  I just never felt like I had the right place for them once I moved to the Shack...the house seemed to be taking me in a different direction.  They are currently in black plastic frames, but I would most likely reframe them in some nice black wooden frames.  I'll just have to dig them out of storage.  Here is one of my favorites:

My second idea is to start collecting old photos of people and their cars, and make a collage on one of the walls of these pictures.  Once again, I would frame the pictures in black frames.  I find several of these type of photos on etsy.

Here's are a couple of examples:

So, I'm torn.  I love these old photos and the cars (and even the long forgotten people), but I also love the beautiful works of Ansel Adams.  One more thing I'll keep in mind - I already have the Ansel Adams prints, I would need to purchase the vintage photos.  Those photos just seem so much more personal!


  1. Hi Michael. While it will take a bit more time and effort, I think the people-with-cars idea is the most original and creative. No question, Ansel Adams photos are wonderful, but, you see his work in a lot of homes. The photos with people are fun, because you can make up stories about what is going on. In the bottom photo -- the women look like they are in a cemetery. Are they there for a funeral? But they are smiling --what IS going on? What fun to make up a story about it.

  2. go for the people and their cars - for sure. also, it will give you something new to hunt for and with less guilt because they don't take up room. hey, i may have some for you somewhere!

  3. I vote for the cars too, what a great idea (I may steal it myself!) You can also find lots of vintage photos on eBay in the Collectibles>Photographs>Vintage section. *off to look himself and see what's there*

  4. I say Ansel Adams all the way. I love his work, and it would be like your own private exhibit of his work. I always love seeing his work on exhibit. I lucked out last weekend while i was in Arizona and got to see an exhibit of Ansel Adams in Phoenix. Also if you need smaller prints I just ordered a great one, Dogwood Blossoms, from

  5. If you do the people by cars, I will make copies of some cool ones I have for you! I also hear tell there MIGHT be a Bel-Air at "As Time Goes By" and prehaps you could take your own vintage standing by car pic to hid in the collage?!

  6. Wow, what a difficult decision! I love them all. Maybe put the people pix in the bathroom and the Ansel in your kitchen? Eek I know that wasn't a choice... OK, so if all three pictures are framed, test them out in the bathroom just to see. I'm sure whatever you decide will look great!


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