Sunday, April 11, 2010


I thought that I was doing well getting all of these fun finds for $2.05, until I read Mick's post where he found an amazing assortment for only $1.10.  Oh well, I still feel pretty good for my $2.05!  First, I found a classic rotary phone.  I love the color!  It perfectly matches the color of the tub and toilet in my bathroom...maybe I need to find a way to incorporate it into the bathroom.

The phone was a great deal, in my eyes.  I picked it up for $1.00.

This is probably my favorite find of the day.  This old Channel Master Canaveral 82 TV antenna is classic mid-century.  I love the design of the UHF antenna!  So atomic!  With the digital conversion, I can't use it anymore functionally, but that doesn't mean that I can't display it on top of the TV to give the illusion that I use it!  A steal at 50 cents!

I love this fun little frog.  He has a little yellow butterfly on his nose.  I've seen these before, with a pot scrubber stuffed in its mouth.  I think he will look good with the avocado green walls in my kitchen.  10 cents.

Of course I can't pass up a planter when I come across one!  This pretty little avocado green piece was 25 cents.  I find myself more and more drawn to the avocado green color, maybe if I ever move I should find a late 1960s or 1970s house with avocado tile in the kitchen...

This Federal Glass bowl with orange on the outside is almost identical to some Fire King bowls that my grandma has.  Same color and everything, just a different manufacturer mark.  I'm sure they're more different than I think, but I can't compare them side by side to see the differences.  This size of bowl is perfect for making an ice cream sundae.  10 cents.

Two Fire King Oven Ware saucers.  I love the gray and turquoise color scheme (which also goes well in my bathroom).  I like saucers because I use them for many different things.  Mostly, I use my collection of mismatched saucers as spoon rests when I'm cooking.  They add a great mid-century vibe to the stove top, and after I'm done I can toss them in the dishwasher.  I hate actual spoon rests...not sure why, but I just don't care for them that much.  I have a nice mid-century one in a copper colored aluminum somewhere, but it's put up because I don't like using it.  These were 5 cents each.

I got all of these find at one of those yard sales that you really want to pass know, not the best neighborhood (in this case a run down trailer park behind a John Deere dealer), stuff scattered everywhere (they filled up the whole yard), lots of regular trash laying around that has just never made it to the curb for collection.  I drove by this one a couple of times before I decided to stop, remembering that these sales are usually the ones with the cheapest mid-century finds.  Once again, that proved true.  The only downside - it had all been boxed up so long that there were about 3 layers of grime on everything.  It took a bit to get it all cleaned up!

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  1. Great finds and a great price. The phone is beautiful. I also hate spoon rests. My mom gave me a snowman spoon rest for a Christmas present. The notion of it seems so bizarre -- a Christmas decoration that you gunk up with a messy spoon? So, we use saucers for spoon rests too. Your frog and butterfly will be cheerful kitchen companions.

  2. Sweet! I have a phone just like that, but I paid much more!

    And you remind me... I need to get a vintage TV antenna to sit on top of my vintage TV. Just for looks, of course...

  3. Love the phone. There's just something so wonderful and solid about those old phones. I have a black one hanging in my kitchen even though I no longer have land line phone service.

  4. Old Pyrex and Fire King? Estate sales can be dangerous for a girl like me. Very nice!


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