Monday, April 12, 2010

Michael's Been Bad

Hello.  This is Michael's conscience.  I have taken over the blog today, as Michael must be punished.  You see, Michael went to yet another estate sale yesterday.  Michael would like me to add that this was an auction type sale.  I don't know whey he feels the need to clarify that.  I have warned Michael numerous times that it is time to stop the estate sale habit.  He keeps bringing home stuff that he will never use, and he doesn't seem to be very good at getting rid of any of it either.  He just fills up empty spaces in his house.  He keeps telling me that he just can't pass up such a good deal.  I tell him that he doesn't try hard enough.

Here's part of our conversation yesterday.  Things that Michael said are in RED and things that I, Michael's conscience said, the one who really knows best, are in BLUE.

MICHAEL!!! Another sale!  Really!

Yes!  You should see all the neat stuff I...

Look at this!  You have covered your bed with boxes!

Um...yes I did...

You didn't make your bed this morning!  And, I told you not to bring anything else home! 

You did?

I can see that you weren't listening to me get that trait from your dad.

Hey!  That wasn't needed.  I didn't turn out to be like my mom or dad!

Yea, you just keep thinking that.

Anyway, did you see all of this amazing clear glass and crystal that I got?  I cleaned up the leftovers on the table for $4!  What a deal!  It filled 4 boxes!  Some of it is brand new in it's original box, and the EAPC (Early American Prescut) pieces are the same pattern as those poor punch cups that got broken in Mick's accident.

I see, what are your plans for it?  Do you have a way to use it?

Um...not most of it...  But hey!  I got it all for the price that they were selling one piece for when they were selling choice piece...I even gave a couple of pieces to a lady from my Sunday School class that was at the sale.

And you bought the leftovers - the unwanted stuff.  At least you got rid of a couple of pieces when you gave away those things to your Sunday School classmate.

Did you see this flat full of milk glass, colored glass, and decorative plates that I got for $2?  There's some cool stuff in there!

Um yes, nice, sure...more junk in my opinion.

But just look at it!  I think that little pink footed bowl might be depression glass!

I'm depressed just thinking you spent money on all this.

Look at this great Pyrex bowl I got for $1.

Okay, I like your Pyrex collection.  I'll let this pass.

I also finally found an Atom Pop!  It even has it's original box and everything!  I got it for $1.  You can't beat that.

At least it's new, even if it has been in that box for at least 50 years.

And I found these fun little pink deer figurines!  They were only $2!

But the one has a chipped antler, and most of the decorative rhinestones are missing!

Oh, um, well, I kinda didn't notice the antler until after I had put them in the truck.  Sorry...


I got a shadow box from the 1950s and a clock from the 1970s for only $2 each!

Does the clock work?

Um, I don't know, the battery connections are kinda might not.

I see.  More wasted money.

Boy you are really cranky today!

You keep buying stuff...that's why I'm cranky!

I got this fun quilt for $3!

Well, I suppose you can never have too many blankets.

I got an avocado green velour tablecloth and a gold velour bedspread also.  The tablecloth even has matching pom poms!  They were just $1 each.

Oh, those are so 1970s.  Yuck.

As you can see, it was necessary to punish Michael for his purchases.  Unneeded stuff.  This simply can't be tolerated.  He tried to tell me that he only spent $18 and that was the least he'd spent at an auction for a long time.  I reminded him that he could have used that $18 to help go toward the trip to Mick's this summer or even his road trip to go hiking in Colorado.  I've put my foot down.  No more.  I have taken Michael's blog posting privileges away from him for the day, and he must spend that time getting all of this extra stuff ready for a garage sale.  Maybe if he sells some of it, he can get some money for his summer trips.

If Michael is good today, he'll have a post for you tomorrow.  Thanks for your understanding!

Michael asked that I remind you all to sign up for his 50 follower giveaway if you have not already done so.

I should make him give the winner all of this stuff that he brought home today.


  1. Dear Michael's Conscience:

    Yeah, I know you're mad, but lighten up. Michael DID get some good stuff in that lot. The pink bowl is not Depression, it's Elegant, and that's even better (at least in terms of quality of the glass, and it's probably a little older than Depression). And the clear glass footed pitcher in the back row in picture #3 is pinging on my radar pretty hard. I don't know what it is, but I think it's Something.

  2. Well, nagging conscience, Michael DID get some good stuff in there. Like the quilt -- it looks double knit. A year or so ago, I actually saw a feature story on double knit quilts from the 1970s. So, it's an item of noteworthiness, to be sure. And those candlesticks with the little bubbles all around -- there is indeed a pattern like that but I can't think of its name right now. They could be the real thing, and worth a few bucks! Or maybe a knockoff, and not worth much, but still pretty. So, lighten up! (Oh, and JKaye was formerly known as sumac sue, but is now JKaye, because I got rid of the sumac. It was taking over. So, this isn't a new follower, but an old one with a new name.)

  3. Ha ha ha... Fantastic finds!

    Psssst don't listen to your conscience lol~~

  4. Apparently MY conscience has a twin brother who lives in Missouri. They are such nuisances, aren't they? For the price you paid you didn't overspend although most of that clear glass isn't worth much. I believe the candleholders are called "Boopie" (or they might just be imports). I personally have so much clear glass that I could open The Clear Glass Museum, but I'm planning to (hopefully) get rid of most of it at the flea market in a few weeks. And tell your conscience that I flipped off his twin down here in Mississippi--I lost my self-control and bought stuff this weekend, too!

  5. HAHA FUnny!! I love the bantering.

  6. I really did comment on this. I did. It showed as 0 comments, though, afterward, and still shows as one less than it actually is. Am I invisible?

    Don't let the Anchor Hocking Company hear you call those bubble-footed candleholders Boopie. They get really testy about that nickname for some unknown reason.

  7. The name everyone is trying to think of is Berwick, by the way. Not sure those candleholders are even part of the line but they certainly coordinate.

  8. Well your conscience and my conscience need to get together some time and play golf so they can spend the afternoon AGREEING with eachother!

    But, you go some really cool stuff! I like the shadow box, and the glass and the deer , and the atom popper (pretty much all of it) Haha!

  9. You did get some awesome stuff, though! I love the Atom Pop!

  10. I have 2 of those...My better half and my conscience and what a coincidence, my conscience has my better half's voice! You did really great! Love all the glassware and pyrex ! Keep going to estate sales! Don't listen to that pesky conscience!

  11. I, too, fight with my conscience almost every weekend about thrifting. Good finds though!

  12. I will take the vintage corn popper, please.


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