Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011

I don't usually have time to put Christmas decorations up until after I get out for Christmas break.  That trend held true this year.  So, I didn't go overboard decorating.  Just a few things in the dining room and I called it good.  So, here they are:

Pretty simple this year.  I just got the aluminum 4 foot tree at an auction this fall.  It was $35 (which is more than I normally spend, but much cheaper than antique store prices).  It is decorated in vintage red and gold ornaments in honor of Pittsburg State's national championship victory.  I have filled a couple of Pyrex bowls with ornaments (the green dot square bowl was part of my Christmas present from Mick over at Everyone Goes to Mick's).  I also had to put up my ceramic tree.  Aside from some small pieces, that's it!  Merry Christmas!


  1. Looking Festive, Have a Very Merry Christmas Michael! GO-RILLAS!

  2. Way jealous of the aluminum tree! Also I have the same flocked reindeer pictured in the last image. :) He's currently on my dining table along with a companion.


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