Thursday, March 22, 2012

Weekend Finds!

I'm so glad that auction season has returned.  Last Saturday I went to a sale at the estate of an old farm family. Lots of stuff that had been stored in sheds for quite some time.  There were a lot of great mid-century pieces there, but most of them hadn't been stored properly, and would need some love to get them looking good again.

I didn't buy a lot, but I did enjoy the day.  I was a little concerned when shortly after they started the sale the auctioneer was working on selling boxes of books on a table.  Out of one of the boxes slithered a little snake... Now, I am not a snake fan, so buying books was definitely out.

Anyway, here are the few things that I got.

One of my favorite finds was this Seth Thomas starburst style clock.  It needs a new mechanism and a couple of the pieces need to be straightened along with a thorough cleaning.  Still, nobody else wanted it and I got it for $2.  I am as tight lipped with the name of this auction service as I am with the name of that thrift store that I get all of the good deals at!

I also picked up a box full of kitchen stuff - mostly purchased for these two Pyrex pieces... I took the fragile pieces out of the box, and the rest rode in the bed of the truck home.  I wasn't wanting to risk ending up finding a snake in the box I got!

Anyway, a Town and Country piece and a Butterprint piece - $8 for the whole box full of kitchen stuff.

I also picked up this vintage clothes drying rack.  I have been needing one of these for some line dry clothes that I'm tired of hanging over the shower curtain rod.  It was a bargain at $2.

Lastly,  I picked up a vintage Firestone tractor tire ashtray.  I have wanted one of these for years since seeing one on the desk at the local tire dealer as a child (complete with lit cigarette - lol).  Not a steal, but not bad at $15.

That wraps up my finds for the week.  Hope you all had success in your hunting!


  1. Love the clock (and the price!) I'm hoping to get a deal like that on a starburst clock sometime- I have the perfect space for one.

  2. $2??? Wow that is so fabulous. Am so jealous I will be moping all day.

  3. I love that drying rack. What a good deal. They are so useful. You'll like having one.

  4. Great finds! I really like the clock & the tire :-)

  5. That clock will look great in your den!

  6. That clock is fantastic! And $2???? What a steal!

  7. I have been trying to find a replacement drying rack just like yours but have not had any luck in my search.

    I have a wide patio that gets plenty of breeze and sun and it would be nice to dry my pillowcases that way...something about fresh from the sun pillowcases make me sleep better I think.

    The hunt is on again !


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