Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage Style Mailboxes

Lately I have been searching for a vintage wall mount mailbox to replace the one on my house.  I am fairly certain that the one on my house, with it's starburst emblem, is original.  However, it is long past it's prime.  The hinge is in bad shape and the box is sprung.  I love the style, but I don't think it is salvageable.  I also don't have a picture of it handy to share at the moment.  I did manage to break a tip off the starburst last night while attempting one more time to revive the poor old thing.

I have been looking for a vintage piece either on etsy or ebay, but I haven't found "the one" yet.  Last night, while shopping for new ones, I came across the website mailboxixchange.  What caught my eye were the boxes manufactured by a company called Bluegrass Woods, Inc.  You can also find information about their products at Bacova Gardens.

The following information on Bluegrass Woods comes from the mailboxixchange website:

"Bluegrass Woods is the home of the American Classic Mailbox. Since 1965, each box has been individually hand-crafted in historic Bath Country, Virginia. Their classic fiberglass mailbox is specially designed to resist wear and weather, and is custom made to order. Their American Classic Mailbox designs have become a tradition in the industry and can be seen all over the United States from coast to coast."

The wall mounted mailboxes that I was drawn to have great mid-century style.  Here's the one that caught my eye: 

Unfortunately, it is too wide for the place that my mailbox goes, so the search continues!

Have a great Friday!

* Please note - I am in no way affiliated with the above mentioned companies.

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  1. That stinks the starburst broke! Keep looking!


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