Thursday, January 10, 2013

First Thrifts of 2013

Last week, with a few days left before I returned to work this past Monday, I went on a couple of thrifting adventures.  As always, I found a few fun finds!

First up, I scored 5 pieces of Pyrex for just under $16!

A yellow loaf pan was picked up for $3.99, a Snowflake Garland loaf pan for $2.50, a large yellow fridgie for $4.50, a Forest Fancies casserole for $3.00, and an Autumn Harvest casserole for $1.75.  Can't believe I found so many nice pieces for such a great deal!

I also finally found a piece of vintage artwork that I think will look good just inside my front door.  This hand painted piece is dated 1927.  I love that it has a great vintage feel that also almost seems to be somewhat folk-artsy.  It was $7 and has the following hand written note on the back:

"Mr. and Miss (can't make out the name?),

Consider each stroke of the brush, each daub and smear, as the best of wishes for the coming year.

Frankie (?) Applegate"

The writing is really faded and hard to read.  At least the message was easy to decipher, even if the names weren't.

Lastly, I love vintage magazines when I can get a good deal on them.  I picked up two Popular Mechanics magazines and a Popular Science magazine for $1 each, and two 1942 editions of Life magazine.  These were a little higher at $5 each, but they are so interesting as they show the nation going into war, and the July volume has amazing war-time advertisements in it.  Plus, the July volume has a guy on the cover wearing a shirt for the Army Air Corp (the predecessor to the Air Force).  My grandfather was in the Army Air Corp during WWII.  As a side note, does anybody know when they first started screen printing t-shirts?  Thought that was pretty interesting as well.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Have a yellow loaf pan even though I never loaf. Very cheery. The mags - am a big collector but sometimes the prices are way too high. Great scores.

  2. That's an excellent score. I'm super jealous of the Pyrex and the painting!

  3. It's always great to find old magazines for cheap, sadly, it doesn't happen very often!! Nice!!

  4. The Cover of life mag, now vs then is a little disapointing. Those black and white photo's are striking!


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