Friday, August 26, 2011

Joplin Update

I plan to periodically provide updates on the rebuilding of Joplin after the devistating EF5 tornado took out a huge chunk of the city on May 22.  Here's a video from earlier this week about a business that has completely rebuilt and is open again in their former site, all in three months.

It has been quite a summer as the efforts of clean up and then the beginning of the rebuilding efforts have begun.  However, I am proud to claim this part af the country.  The people have been upbeat and positive throughout the summer.  They are so appreciative of all the volunteers, and the transformation since May 22 is nothing short of a miracle.  I am excited to share that Joplin is beginning to rebuild!  Even after losing several schools, they were able to renovate existing spaces in the city over the summer and begin school on time.  Sometime soon I will share a video of the new 11th and 12th grade high school building - it's in an empty department store!

So, here's the video of perhaps the first business to have rebuilt and reopen in the same location:

Have a great Friday!

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  1. And now we hear that because FEMA is running out of money that they're going to divert funds from the Joplin restoration to help out the Hurricane Irene victims. That is just shameful. I know that the people of Joplin (and Tuscaloosa where my niece goes to college and where she hid from that tornado in her bathtub) will keep going with what they have, though, and hopefully everyone will be able to recover.


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