Monday, December 10, 2012

Father / Son Project Time

This may be the death of one of us.  Anyway, spirits are high at the moment.  Dad and I brought his 1967 Mustang Fastback in from it's 30 year hiatus in the pasture at the farm on Saturday.  It's going to be fun if we ever get it done.

Here's the list of things needed:


LOL - Actually, the body is almost rust free, just needing to have the floor pans replaced.  Otherwise, it's pretty much a complete overhaul.  Rebuilding the motor is first on the list, followed by a complete gut and replacement of the interior.  I'll let a professional tackle the bodywork.

Have a great Monday!


  1. What a wonderful thing to do together. That is a great-looking car, and a couple of great-looking mechanics. Who originally drove the car -- your dad?

    1. Yes, it was my dad's car when he met my mom. He bought it back in the 70s at some point. He drove it until I was around 6 months old.

  2. Hi Michael, It's Kate from Retro Renovation -- Pam and I are going to start doing retro blogger features once every few weeks and we'd like to include your father/son project in our round up. Could we have permission to use your photo in our post on We would, of course, provide links back to your blog. Please let me know! -- thanks! :)


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