Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Recent Finds

I'm so excited that auction season is beginning again!  This past week, I got to go to flea markets, thrifts, and an estate auction.  What did I pick up?  Take a look below!  (I really must get an Etsy store set up...)

I had a workshop in Joplin last Thursday, which was released early because the presenter wasn't feeling well.  So, I took an opportunity to enjoy my extra time and hit up a few stores.  The first place that I stopped at was a flea market / antique place.  When Mick and Patricia visited last summer, we stopped at this place.  I usually find a good deal or two, and this time I found one.  I picked up the 1.5 quart size Opal Pyrex mixing bowl to go with my 1.5 pint bowl.  Hopefully I will stumble across good deals on the other two some day.  I picked this one up for $4, which brings the total price of the two piece set to $4.50.  Not bad.

Next, I hit up my favorite unnamed thrift shop, but they hadn't had much come in since the last time I was there, so I left empty-handed.  I didn't have any luck at the next thrift I visited, either, so I traveled to a town about 10 miles away where the Goodwill store moved after the Joplin location was lost in last May's tornado. I did have a bit of luck there.  I picked up this small Butterfly Gold fridgie.  It was priced at $2.00, but it was 50% off one item day, and since it was all that I was buying, I got it for $1.  Now I have two of these.  Another set to complete.

Saturday was a cold day, with temperatures in the mid-upper 30s, not exactly perfect auction weather, but it was nice because it kept the crowd smaller, and the deals were better.  At the auction, I picked up two small Butterprint fridgies for $3 each.

I also got a few planters for $2 each.  I really like the green one.  I am thinking that it would match Mick's green kitchen.  The white one is marked Frankoma.

Who could pass up this fun 1960s chicken clock for a mere $2?  It is electric, but it has been running for over 48 hours now, and it keeps excellent time.  It also has the fun hum sound that vintage electric clocks make.  I may end up passing this on to another lucky person though.

I also picked up this set of pink plates and platter for $3 for the set.  Anybody know anything about them?  There are no makers markings on them.  The stack of Franciscan Desert Rose bread and butter plates was picked up for a fraction of retail as well.  If I ever get an Etsy shop set up, this will be one of the first things I list.  They are in excellent, flaw-free condition.  I can't believe that one of the dealers at the sale didn't snatch these up!

I also picked up the stuff in the following pics.  

A couple of double glass candlesticks.  I believe that the one without the silver flowers is McKee, but I don't know anything about the one with the silver flowers.  Do any of you?  Also, picked up this Early American Prescut punch bowl base (I believe) which doubles as a bowl when turned over.

That pretty much sums it up.  Did any of you find some great deals over the weekend?


  1. What a wonderful stash of Pyrex! That rooster clock is such a hoot. Great finds.

  2. Your mystery plates say Homer Laughlin to me, but not without markings of any kind... Hmmm...

    Love the Elegant double candlesticks. Purdy!

  3. I came across your blog as I was searching for any info on some Harmony House china that I found. I can't find the pattern anywhere! I've never seen the opal Pyrex bowls anywhere else either. I found the 4 qt. at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago. I love the clock too!


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