Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekend Finds!

I didn't pick up much over the weekend, but I was excited about what I found!  Once again, my finds came from the awesome thrift shop that I will not name.  When I was there all pink tags were 50% off, so I found some real steals!

I picked up five Pyrex pink dinner plates on sale for 50 cents each.  They aren't in perfect condition, but they are nice for daily use.  Four of them have gold trim and the fifth one doesn't look like it ever had gold trim.  I have some lime green salad plates and saucers, and they don't appear to have had gold bands on them either, so I'm guessing Pyrex made them two ways.  These pink pieces would be great for a Valentine's Day dinner - like the spaghetti candle-light dinner Mom always had for the family when I was growing up.

Next, I picked up a set of eight Corelle Spring Blossom cups and saucers.  The cups were on sale for 25 cents each, and so were the saucers, so I spent $4 on the whole set.  They had a bunch of the cups in both Spring Blossom and Butterfly Gold, but only 8 saucers, so I just picked up enough cups to match the saucers.  Someone else can enjoy the 25 or so cups that I left behind.

On a happier note about the house, I also stopped by the Joplin Re-Store to search for a new doorknob that would fit the hole in my door.  Didn't find a complete knob, but did find a couple of the mechanisms that go inside the door for a quarter each, so I picked up the extra, and now the original knob is in use again, with a new mechanism.  There are two pluses to this - one, it was cheap, and two, all of the knobs in the house still match.  I also used around a gallon of Liquid Plumr and got the washer and bathroom sink drains working well again.  Lastly I was able to pick up a cheap pull-chain light fixture at Walmart and got it installed in the washing machine closet.  Total cost for this week's repairs?  Approximately $20.  Hopefully the house will give the honey-do list a rest for a week or two.

Hope you all found some great finds over the weekend!


  1. Nice finds...and I don't blame you a bit for keeping mum on the name of your thrift shop. Sometimes it just has to be every man for himself...LOL

  2. Hi, glad you got your doorknob fixed. It's always nice to be able to keep something original. Your doorknob looked a bit tarnished, and just using a soft scrubby pad of some sort on it with a little soap might get it all shiny again. But, then, scrubbing doorknobs can be way down on the priority list! I like the Spring Blossom cups. I read on a blog once about using such cups to bake individual custards or cobblers in. I have wanted to try that. Hey, sounds like a good reason to go thrifting, to find some pyrex cups.


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