Monday, May 21, 2012

Bigger than a Bread Box?

Well, one of this weekend's finds was.  Same size as a bread box?  Yup, got that covered as well!  Smaller than a bread box?  Found a few of those, too.

First, my favorite find of the weekend.  This great mid-century tension pole lamp was waiting for me at an estate tag sale.  I think that it is the perfect piece to have next to the swivel rocker I picked up a couple of weeks ago, and it makes the space the perfect reading nook.  I looked at this thing three times before finally deciding to fork over the $24 they were asking for it.  Thankfully it comes apart, or it wouldn't have made it home in my car!

At the same tag sale I picked up this great chrome Lincoln brand bread box.  I don't get to these sales to stand in line and wait - I always get there about 45 minutes or so into the sale once the initial rush is over.  Sure I miss out on some great things, but it isn't worth the headache to me.  That's why I was surprised this was still there.  $8.

For the smalls, I picked up this Town and Country Pyrex casserole with lid for $2, and the small Early American Pyrex Cinderella mixing bowl for $1.50.  The little Corning tea pot was $4, the recipe card holder with dividers and a stash of blank cards was 75 cents, and the turquoise dust pan was 50 cents.  I love finding vintage items that I can use at these sales.

After the tag sale, I went to an auction because they had some h.o. scale train stuff that I was interested in for a friend.  Needless to say, they were only running one ring, and at the rate they were selling things, they will still be there next Saturday.  So, since the trains were on a table to be sold later in the sale, I had to leave without them.  However, that doesn't mean that I didn't pick up a couple of things.

This vintage Singer sewing machine sold for $2.  I couldn't believe nobody wanted it.  I only ended up with it due to a mercy bid.  Still, it is worth more than the $2 I gave for it.  A little research tells me that I believe I have a sought after singer 15-91 model.  I'll need to have it serviced and get a pedal for it, then I plan on putting it up for sale.

I also picked up this pair of end tables for $9.  They need to be stripped down and refinished.  Another summer project!  However, I have two round end tables that match these, as well as a square one.  I've collected a nice little set!

Did any of you find anything exciting this weekend?


  1. $9 for end tables? Amazing. Everything is so fine - the lamp is terrific. Are the globes glass because I have something that looks like one of those and I wasn't sure what kind of lamp it would have been on.

    1. The globes on the lamp are glass. Very thick glass. I've never seen such thick glass for lamp globes before, actually.

  2. Hurrah! We have the same Bread box, and the tables were a steal.

  3. love that tension lamp! for $24?? GREAT find..

  4. That tension lamp is AWE.SOME. What steals!

  5. Those tables are great. Will they go in the den? How is the den project coming along -- did you decide on a wall color?


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