Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sometimes the best finds...

...are free!

There is a great 1950s ranch house just down the street from my parent's house that I have loved for years.  I think I loved it mostly for it's barn red and white color scheme.  Anyway, it changed hands a few years ago and the new owners have been slowly updating it.  Right now they are putting vinyl siding on it (I hate painting houses, so I don't blame them) and it is no longer going to be the red color that I have known all my life (and I would bet it has always been that red color).  Anyway, I sent a message on Facebook to the owner of the home and asked if they would be willing to sell the original shutters if they weren't going to reuse them.  They sent me a message back that they were not reusing them and I could have them once they took them down.

Monday a message came that they were ready to pick up.  So, here they are!  For being more than 50 years old, I think they are in pretty good shape!  There were only four of them on two of the front windows.  Still, that's enough.  I brought them home and placed them in front of the shutters on my house, and they are the perfect size for my house!  However, I have no plans to use them as shutters on my house.  My vinyl no paint shutters were quite expensive, and I will not replace them at this early stage of their life.  Maybe if they do go bad someday this will be the inspiration for the new shutters.  I am sold on that diamond pattern.  So simple, yet so mid-century!

My plan for them?  Well, I need to clean them up and repaint them, but I am thinking about using a couple of them as window valances or cornice boxes over the drapes I put in the den (a project that hit a stand still when the hectic rush of the end of the school year hit - I did pick a color... or two.  I'm considering two tone in there).  Anyway, we'll see where they end up!

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. AWESOME!!!! Michael, can I feature one of these photos on my blog? Like some other readers over time, you are making a great point that sometimes... heck, a LOT of the times... the very best finds can be found... right down the street!

    1. Pam, you are more than welcome to use the photos on your blog! Thanks!

    2. These photos are kind of dark. Would you like me to get some that are a little better?

  2. Love these! I really like that people used to do custom designs on their shutters. We have some pretty interesting ones around our area. One that looks like teardrops!

  3. Pretty interesting, using Facebook as a way to do some retro rummaging! Good save, and the idea of using them as valances is clever. Hope it works. If not, maybe Mick needs some shutters for his place!

  4. Those are glorious! High five for Missouri finds!

  5. You are so right! We never know where the thrifty goodness will be coming from next.

    Two years ago I found a teak table base by the curb and a couple of months ago I found the top!

    That was such a special thrifting momment. It was like I was meant to find the top.

  6. Those are great. I always wanted to have custom shutters on our place, but like yours, have brand new ones that function just fine. Could you turn them sideways and make them window boxes?


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