Tuesday, July 31, 2012

American Maker

One of the YouTube users I follow uploaded the following video yesterday, titled "American Maker."  This video was produced in 1960 by Chevrolet, but it never once mentions their name in it.

The video focuses on the advancements of American ingenuity and manufacturing from colonial days until modern (mid-century) times.  The scenes in the video offer something for everyone; classic cars and great mid-century homes.  One of my favorite scenes came toward the end when they showed a "modern" bathroom.  The fixtures were avocado green, and the tile around the tub had navy blue along with the green (I love that color scheme).  Who knew they were making avocado green popular as far back as 1960?  Here I've been thinking that the scheme in my house was more late 1960s, but it started about 10 years before!

Enjoy the video, but be warned, it is lengthy (around 25 minutes).  I didn't think I would watch the whole thing, but it sure sucked me in.  Enough so that I added it as one of my favorites.  So, go pour yourself a beverage, pop some popcorn, and relax while watching this fun piece of American history.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Wow! That was fantastic! The car factory really blew my mind. How easily everything snapped in to place. Too bad there isn't as much stuff "American Made" these days.

  2. Finally had the time to watch this video. You're right, it is a fun piece of history. It really is remarkable to see how production has changed and think of the goods and services available compared to Eli Whitney's days. And remarkable to see no tattoos on any of those factory workers!


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