Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday's Auction Finds!

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Now, on to that auction.  I am not sure why an estate auction was scheduled for a Tuesday evening, but I was free, so off I went!  I picked up a few good deals, and a couple of things that I wanted that weren't quite as good of a deal, but went along with sets that I am working on.

First up, my absolute favorite find at the auction.  This vintage stand mixer is the first one that I've picked up that isn't a Sunbeam Mixmaster (I love the Mixmasters that I have!).  This one was manufactured by General Mills, sometime in the early 1950s.  It is marked on the side "Sponsored by Betty Crocker."  The mixing bowls remind me of Hamilton Beach bowls, but these are marked Pyrex (awesome!) and then marked General Mills.  Complete with the original book, it even has a feature that I haven't seen before - a built in timer!  Need to mix something for 2 minutes?  Start the mixer and set the timer, when it dings, come back and turn the mixer off!  I think that it was a steal for $5!

Here's an advertisement that I found online for General Mills appliances.  I already have the waffle iron, but now that I have the mixer, I may have to collect the complete series.  Looks like my mixer with the built in timer was $42.95 when it was new.

I also picked up a couple of pieces of Pyrex - the Daisy 444 Cinderella mixing bowl, and the 1 quart Butterprint casserole.  The other two pieces were picked up over the past few days at flea markets and antique malls.  The dark glass piece is actually a piece of purple glass Pyrex (it's hard to tell in the picture).  It isn't very old, but I really like the color, and for $3, why not?

Lastly, at the auction I picked up this cool Kansas centennial souvenir plate from 1961 (aren't those graphics amazing?) and a vintage advertising ash tray.  The yellow Club Aluminum sauce pan was a thrift store find on Monday.  My kitchen is filled with Pyrex bakeware and Club Aluminum for the cooktop!  I now have Club Aluminum in yellow, green, red, turquoise, brown and some really old pieces in hammered aluminum look.  Hmmm.... Club may end up being my next kitchen collection, if I ever finish my Pyrex collection (I am getting closer!).

Have a great Wednesday!  I'm hoping to finish another big project today to share with you all tomorrow!

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  1. That Kansas plate is wonderful. State plates usually have great graphics, and your new find is super. Your kitchen must be so cheerful with all of the colorful Pyrex and Club Aluminum.

    I'm sure you're busy, so thanks for taking time to make some more posts. They are always fun and interesting.

    1. They had a bunch of different state plates, but this was my favorite, and I don't need a stack of them sitting around.

      As for my kitchen, I don't care a whole lot for cooking, so the colors definitely make the time spent in there better!

  2. Wow- $42.95 in 1950 would be about $385 today, equivalent to a modern Kitchen Aid! I love Club pots- I have a turquoise Dutch Oven that I use all the time.

    1. Wow, I hadn't done the math to convert to today. That's a lot of money! Maybe that's part of the reason it's still around today in good working condition.


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