Friday, August 10, 2012

This Week's Thrifts

Oh, the carefree days of summer thrifting have come to an end.  Teachers go back to work for the first day of our contracts on Monday.  School starts next Wednesday.  Sigh.  Where did summer go?

Not wanting to miss one last chance to seek out some fun finds, I went to a few of my favorite stores yesterday.

First purchase - these fun vintage sign letters.  I'm thinking maybe they came from a movie theatre, but I'm not sure.  Anyway, I've been wanting to buy some of these for quite a while to put my initials on the wall in my house.  Unfortunately, the price they go for online is more than I'm willing to spend.  However, these were $3 per letter.  I'm pleased to get all three letters for less than I would have to pay for one online.  Ideally, I wanted red letters, but blue will work just fine.  They had a different style in black, but I didn't care for them too much.

I also picked up this working vintage refrigerator defroster.  Now that I'm almost done with my vintage fridge, I'm going to need one of these whenever I defrost it.  $4.

And of course, there was Pyrex!

I was very tempted in a beautiful set of pink fridgies (complete with lids) for $50, but I talked myself out of it.  I did, however, find a Golden Honeysuckle 2.5 quart rectangular dish (number 055) for $7, and an Opal white unmarked 404 for $4.  Now I just need the 403, and I will have the complete Opal mixing bowl set.  So far, I have $5.50 total spent on the three pieces I have.

I don't usually have any luck at thrift stores finding Pyrex, but this must have been my day.  They had this 8 inch square Flamingo Pink dish for $4.  Sounds good to me!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great Pyrex purchases - a square pan for $4 - good price!!

  2. I've never seen one of those refrigerator defrosters. Cool!

  3. That defroster looks like a possible shock/fire hazard! Pretty neat though.

  4. I just bought the honeysuckle & same pink brownie pan a week or so ago! How funny. :)

  5. Those letters are great. Will they go in your den? Never knew there were portable defrosters for the old fridges. My mom would put sauce pans of hot water in the freezer compartment to make things melt. Freezer defrosting day was no fun because Mom wasn't in a good mood, plus we ended up having something for dinner that she found in the back of the freezer, like liver. Ugh.

  6. Wow- I have never seen a fridge defroster. Our 1940s Hotpoint defrosts "automatically"- with two kids, someone is bound to leave the door ajar every once in a while! :)


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