Friday, August 3, 2012

Thrifty Finds of the Week

I have been spending some time getting out to some of my favorite shops before I go back to school full time.  I've been working half days on my classroom, and spending time seeking out fun finds during the other half of the day.  Once school starts, it isn't unusual for me to work a 12 - 13 hour day, which pretty much kills any chance of getting to seek out any fun finds during the week.

So, what have I found this week?  Firstly, I picked up this partial set of Ballerina Mist dishes in the Strawflower pattern.  Who could resist that soft blue-gray color?  The set was $6 and consists of 4 dinner plates, three bread and butter plates, three saucers, three cups, and three bowls.  Guess I'm ready to have two guests over.

I also picked up this men's squirrel dresser valet.  I now have three different styles of these.  How many does it take before I can officially call it a collection?  This little guy has been repaired on the back, but for $1, he'll display great if I can ever get the shelves refinished that I want to use to display these on.  I'll share a picture of the three I have soon.

I've had my eye on this vintage 1980s neon lighted phone for a couple of months now, but the dealer at the flea market never had a price on it.  This time, the dealer caught their error, and I scooped it up for $2.50.  I'm planning on using it in my bedroom (if the light doesn't keep me awake at night).  The vintage metal thermos was 30 cents, and the red metal tray was $2.

Finally, I can't forget my Pyrex finds!  Probably my oldest find was this 1 cup measuring cup (it was also my most expensive piece this week at $3.50).  The glass on this measuring cup is thick and heavy.  I also picked up three little fridgies in Spring Blossom and this amazing deep brown (anybody know what set this was part of?).  The fridgies were $2.95 each, and I'm collecting the small and medium fridgies right now for a project (hopefully I'll get it complete and be able to share it before too long).  Finally, I picked up this beautiful orange 471 1 pint size casserole.  The color is amazing on it.  It was a great find for 75 cents!

Today I'm headed to an estate tag sale here in town (they are incredibly rare around here, and I really prefer auctions).  Hopefully I'll bring home some great stuff!

Have a great Friday!


  1. I think your fridgie could be from the Old Orchard set!

  2. Wow, great prices!! I dig squirrels myself, so we can be squirrel friends, ha! Most bloggers I've lurked around say three makes a collection, but I firmly stand by my own Two Is Enough rule.

  3. Old Orchard! It's one of the least favorite pattern but I still have a soft spot for it :)

    1. I don't really car for Old Orchard, but the deep brown color on this piece is great. If the other pieces had a similar solid dark brown, I might be convinced to become and Old Orchard fan.

    2. You are right. It's too bad the rest is a yukky paler brown.

  4. How convient dishes for 3! I HAVE NEVER SEEN/heard tell of a squirrel dresser valet, that super cool. And, HURRAH you got the phone!!!

  5. oooh, that '80s phone rocks!

    On the topic of Old Orchard, I would never add it to my personal collection, I have a piece in kitchen circulation, but that's about it. I bought some today, infact, but they are for resale in my future shop.

    Loving the Pyrex, too.

  6. I love the squirrel dresser valet. Along with Mick, I have never seen such a thing before, but, if I did, I would want to have it. And to think you have three! That is indeed an unusual collection. I like the Spring Blossom fridgies. I just bought six Spring Blossom cups with the little open handle for 20 cents apiece, to use for desserts. They are great for serving pudding or ice cream. I don't have any other Spring Blossom, but I might start looking for it, since it makes me smile. The Old Orchard pattern, on the other hand, makes me feel gloomy.


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