Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Finds! How May I Direct Your Call?

Wow!  There were some great things to find this weekend!

Friday morning I went to an estate tag sale here in town.  We never have those, only auctions, and so many people were confused about how it worked (having never attended on in the larger cities around us).  This sale was split in two.  The stuff in the house being the "estate sale" and the stuff outside a "garage sale" for items from the estate.  The stuff inside didn't really impress me, but once I went outside, I filled my car with some great deals!  I went back Saturday afternoon when things were half price outside, and filled up some more.

I got these two Western Electric telephone operator's stools for $1.50 each (half off).  The one with the brown pad is original, the one with the green cushion has a replacement cushion from Western Electric that is for a different chair model.  One of these is going to my classroom.  I also picked up two new old stock replacement cushions for $2.  One is even still wrapped in the original paper.

This awesome glass percolator with the starburst design was $1.50 half off.  It was manufactured by Proctor Silex.

Does anybody else ever pick up these boxes that are filled with emptied out junk drawer items?  It was 50 cents half off, so it was cheap and fun to dig through.

I also got this box of shoe shine stuff for 50 cents.

This box of vintage tile pieces was 25 cents.  Gonna have to come up with a project for it.  There is a good amount of the pink hex tiles in the box.

Other finds at the sale - vintage Corvette hubcap for $1, turquoise trash can for 25 cents, a VCR for $1 - not pictured (I pick these up when I can because I have a large VHS collection, and I know some day I will need a spare or two).  The glass piece is a vintage Westinghouse refrigerator dish (too bad it didn't have it's lid).  It was $3.  The little Tupperware container looks like new, and it was 25 cents.

Saturday morning I went to a garage sale that had the leftovers after a family had cleaned out an estate.  Just some small items, but they were priced at 25 cents each.  I spent $1.50, and picked up something I've been wanting for a while - a working aluminum tree color wheel.  Can't wait for Christmas to use it with my aluminum tree!

I also picked up a vintage picnic basket at that sale for 25 cents - the top has a name on it in magic marker, so I think I may spray paint it using the green spray paint left over from my mail box.  What do you all think, would that look good?  I think it would.  The basket even had a few vintage picnic plates in it.

The rest of the finds from the 25 cent sale - a ceramic kitchen utensil holder that matches my kitchen, a mug tree (a place to display my Pyrex mugs), a desk pen holder, and a small yellow Tupperware container.

It was mostly a weekend of smalls, but those telephone operator stools are sure awesome!  What awesome finds did you pick up this weekend?


  1. What a great weekend you had!!

  2. Whoa. I can't believe that you got that color wheel for a quarter. I just finally found one for my tree and paid $40! What a major score:-)


  3. Man you cleaned up! Haha I think you should craft yourself a MCM coffee table and tile the top of it with all that crazy tile!

  4. Wow I sure need to visit Missouri! Those are awesome finds :)

  5. I love that coffee pot. I really like that turquoise waste basket too. I saw a picnic basket just like that one for $4.99 at a thrift store a few days ago. I picked it up, but decided I didn't want to pay that much because the lid was cracked. I was going to use it as a container for office supplies next to my desk. I think it would be fine to paint yours, or at least just paint the lid first to see how that looks. Good finds!


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