Monday, January 24, 2011

More Recent Finds

Out of the things that I'm sharing today, I think this is my favorite.  It's an Electrolux Model G.  Turquoise!  It's turquoise!  It has several attachments with it, but unfortunately not carpet head.  Oh well.  It works well (I used it to vacuum the dog hair off the dog sneaks up on it when I forget to cover it).  I am amazed at how quiet this machine is.  It's little more than a hum when it's on.  Turns out, it's a model that Electrolux collectors seem to seek.  Who would have thought, a collector of vacuums.  I guess there really is a collector for everything!  I picked it up because my grandma used to have an Electrolux (although it was newer than this).  Not a bad deal for $4.  I picked it up at the same estate auction that I got my red Ericofon, which I shared last Monday.

Next, I recently thrifted a pair of these glasses.  Does anybody know anything about who made them or what the pattern is called?  I call them Early American, because the pattern makes me think of the Pyrex Early American pattern.  Two glasses for $1.

Lastly, a Thermos lunch box.  Yes, it is plastic, but it has some years on it.  I'd guess it's from the 1960s, if I had to make a guess.  Too bad it didn't have a Thermos in it!

Hope you all have a great Monday!  Anybody get any great finds over the weekend?


  1. Great might be able to find out about the glasses over at
    they have a group there about glasses....

  2. Oh my gosh! Those glasses match the dishes that Leah at Storybook Ranch sent me to hang in the kitchen at the Casablanca! How cool! My grandmother still ahs her old rug sucker i'll ahve ot see what kind it is!

  3. Love that vac! I should have looked at an auction for one....just bought a new one for a little more than $4.00!
    The glasses are difficult to identify sometimes. Some have a letter on the bottom and I don't know what that means. These two are great. Good finds Michael.

  4. I love that lunchbox! I was thinking how could a hard working man fit any lunch in that thing? My boyfriends lunchbox is huge!

  5. My Mom still has her Electrolux that is identical to yours and it still has all of the attachments. I became the vacuum expert when I was growing up (not by choice). Hers still works like a charm and she wouldn't think of giving it up. You got a good deal for $4.

  6. Love the vacuum. We have a newer version of the same style (c. 1995). I'm pretty sure they take the same bags, so you can probably still get them for yours (I'm thinking it's a "C" bag?)

  7. When I was a kid in the '60s I saw my Mamaw fix my Papaw his lunch to take to his job at the steel mill. He had a metal lunchbox like the one above, only they called it a lunch bucket. Mamaw fixed him a Thermos of scalding black coffee, and she made sandwiches out of leftovers, such as biscuits and ham or fried chicken. She wrapped them in waxed paper. I don't think he took anything but a pile of sandwiches. He was the kind of gruff old buzzard who would not have wanted to fuss with a container of peaches or a bag of chips.


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