Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ready for the Rat Pack

Doesn't this awesome bar look like something that would be in a getaway you would find the Rat Pack at?  Those doors on the front slide open to reveal a set of shelves.  Those shelves pivot and spin around to reveal a mini mirrored bar with a bottle rack and a hi ball glass holder.

This CL find is a little pricey for me at $350, but it sure is awesome!  You can see the original ad here.

Have a great Tuesday!  It snowed here yesterday, here's hoping that today is more enjoyable!


  1. Be still my heart! I can totally see the hip crowd having cocktails around this great piece listening to Frank - Come Fly With Me, come fly, come fly away...

  2. We have been looking for a swankie bar, too. They are so pricey and really not so easy to find. Back when I first started decorating my very first apt, in college, they seemed to be all over the place and cheaper...but that was 15 or so years ago.


  3. What a terrific piece! I've not seen one like that before!

  4. Wow is that fabulous! Thanks for sharing it with us even if it is not in current budget. I can just imagine the parties it will inspire (and has inspired in its past). We bought an Italianate brass bar cart after Christmas and it has already inspired a few parties. I have yet to write about it on my blog.


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