Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The most interesting find from my box lots puchases over the weekend was the discovery of these three medals in a box of vintage advertising pens.

Please note, by sharing these medals, I am in no way showing any kind of support for the horrible acts of WWII.  I am sharing them today because I am curious about them, and I would like to get more information about them.  As this could be a sensitive topic, all comments will go into moderation immediately for this post.

In the box, I found three Nazi medals.  I showed them to Mick from Everyone Goes to Mick's a couple of nights ago when we were chatting online.  He found them creepy, mostly because I guessed that the most likely way they came to be in the possession of an American is that someone took them off a fallen German soldier during WWII.  However, it could be that they made their way to the States if a soldier took them from a German POW.  This is all just speculation.  I'll never know their true story. 
Anyway, here are the medals:

First up, a German Iron Cross, First Class.  My research turned up the following information: "The Iron Cross is exclusively awarded for bravery before the enemy and for excellent merits in commanding troops."

Second, this medal which when translated reads "Medal for German Social Welfare".  I'm not sure why this medal was awarded.

Finally, I found this medal.  It is dated 1941, but I haven't been able to find any information on it either.  Maybe one of my blog readers will be able to fill in the unknowns.

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  1. Google "Deutsches Kreuz"

    Looks similar. =)

  2. The one for Social Welfare:


    By order of the Führer, on 1 May 1939 all Red Cross awards were to be covered by this award. This award was issued in four classes and would be rendered in recognition of loyal service in connection with the following:
    a. Social Warfare
    b. Winter Relief
    c. Looking after the Sick and Wounded
    d. Keeping up with the old customs
    e. Looking after the German nationals (and/or veterens) in foreign countries
    Awarded in the Medal class only (4th Class) to ranks below SS-Hauptsturmführer, this medal is to be worn in ribbon bar form over the left breast pocket. This award cannot be awarded to unit personnel, if recipients service qualifies him for an award of the War Merit Cross or other military award.

  3. I had one of those Iron Cross medals when I was a kid. I have no idea what happened to it or where it came from.

    Those are so interesting and you are right...how did they get to the bottom of that box? What a mystery!

  4. Michael- The last one is called the War Order of the German Cross, awarded for "continuous military achievement in combat". The recipient would have already been awarded the Iron Cross (first medal).

    I handled a couple of these before when I was working at a museum. I would think donating them to a local museum or historical society might be the way to go- better for everyone's karma.


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