Monday, April 4, 2011

A Small Weekend

Or, maybe I should call it a weekend of smalls.  I purchased a couple of beautiful vintage lamps this weekend (which will have to wait for a later post).  My favorite things that I picked up though were found in several boxes that I bought in the box lots portion of the sale (auction - you all know that I love me a good auction).  Lots of small little things that made looking through those boxes a lot of fun.

I really like the style of this vintage kitchen clock, and the little picture is pretty nice as well.

I have never seen a grater like this before, and the full container of classic Betty Brite bake cups (originally 13 cents!) was fun as well.

I think I might know just the place for the harp shaped thermometer, the garden hose nozel will be very handy this summer, the gold and black vintage stapler will be great on the desk, and the Old Matt's Cabin calendar is a great classic souvenir from the area in which I live.

This Asian fan was still in it's original box and has great artwork.

Odds and ends here - a broach and bracelet, a little ceramic pink flamingo, a couple of wind up watches - one normal wristwatch, and a picket watch that is surrounded by a tire.  You swivel the watch out of the tire (it rotates on an axis) to wind it and set the time.  Best of all, there was a little Kennedy presidential election button in one of the boxes!

This Swank cufflink and tie pin set is something that I can't wait to use!  I love finding vintage cufflinks!

Tomorrow I'm going to share the most amazing box find of all - be sure to check back in on Tuesday!

Have a great Monday!


  1. Every photo I'd think Oooooh I am SO Posting about how great THAT is, then I'd get to the next pic and think - Hey THAT's even better! What wonderful finds. (the little picture is my favorite)

  2. Hmmm now I have to dream up a party where you can ware the cufflinks at that Casablanca :)

  3. Sounds like you had a real treasure hunt at the auction, I love 'small' items too, I especially like the tire/watch and the painted fan!


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