Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gourmet Trio

I have completed the set of Gourmet casseroles, I believe.  Does anybody know if they were made in any other colors?  According the Pyrex Love, the bottom piece was a Winter 1961 promotional piece.  It is delphite blue with white paint fired on with a gold leaf design.  In the middle is an opal white casserole with black print, and on top is an opal piece with a butterscotch fired on paint and gold leaf design.  All three are the 2.5 quart size, and I love the way they look stacked on top of each other in this picture!


  1. Pretty!You can never have enough Pyrex!Not sure if they came in any other colors though.

  2. I love the colors, and I agree that they look great stacked!

  3. Those casseroles look like a great canister set. Or they could hold three different types of cookies! Useful as well as pretty.


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