Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mayer Platter

I picked up this great atomic patterned Mayer China platter for 75 cents at a flea market recently.  It was quite the experience going to that place (I felt like I needed to shower after I left) but they did have a couple of vendors with some great vintage glassware for excellent prices.  I picked up this platter and another Pyrex opal white 401 mixing bowl (it was 50 cents).  I will probably return to this place occasionally, but it won't be on my regular list of places to shop.

Anyway, from what I can find by looking at Mayer China on the big auction site, it looks like they made restaurant ware (which would explain why this piece is so heavy).  I found a lot of pieces that they made for airlines.

I have a small collection of vintage platters that I have picked up for very reasonable prices.  I like to use them on the Sunday's that my Sunday School class is required to take snacks for church fellowship.  This one will look great piled up with chocolate chip cookies!

Have a great Thursday!


  1. That's a really cool platter! Ever since I got some Paul McCobb restaurantware, I've been meaning to do some research on the subject. You've inspired me to quit procrastinating.

  2. What a beautiful and atomic design. Very eye catching!


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