Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekend Finds!

Imagine my great surprise when I found this vintage revolving artificial Christmas tree stand in it's original box at an antique store over the weekend for only $5!

The box is a little worse for wear, but thankfully the stand shows no signs of damage at all, and it works beautifully.  Now, I just need to find a 6' aluminum Christmas tree to put in it for next Christmas!

I found this beautiful blue pitcher in a flea market in a little town of a little under 1,000 people.  It was a tiny flea market, but I was happy to find this pitcher, which matches the glasses I already have.  Actually, I have a set of the matching glasses in both blue and green.  This was $4.

Finally, I found this set of 4 glasses for $1.25 at yet another flea market in another small town.  The pattern on these molded glasses matches the Kimberly pattern on my Fire King mugs... I believe these are part of the Kimberly family.  Can anyone confirm this?

Have a great Tuesday!  I've shared some of my recent Pyrex finds over at The Pyrex Collective today.  Why not check them out?


  1. I told you we should of went half and half on the 6 foot tree!!! Haha, didnt you pick up a 3 foot somewhere along the way?

  2. Hot Dog! You have a rotating Christmas tree stand! I used mine last year to make a rotaing Astro Weenie Christmas Appetizer Display. You can see it here:http://ihearteverythingblog.blogspot.com/2011/12/1960s-mad-men-birthday-party.html

  3. Wow, I'd love to have a revolving tree stand. You got that for a song! I remember Amber's rotating weenie tree. It was awesome.

    Is that an Anchor Hocking Pagoda pitcher? I have the Soreno set, which is somewhat similar.

    1. Yes, from my research on the big auction site, I do believe it is an Anchor Hocking Pagoda pitcher. I have a piece of Soreno - a green ashtray I picked up at an estate sale last fall for $2.

  4. Mick, the tree I picked up last fall is 4 foot. It is a nice size, but this stand is too bi visually for the smaller tree.

  5. Wow, a revolving tree stand, never knew there was such a thing. We had an aluminum tree when I was a kid, but we had a revolving light device that aimed different colors on the tree. The tree stayed put. To see the tree revolve would be so much fun! Hope you find a tree for it.


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