Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm Back! (Again!) [AKA Walking in Memphis]

So, I spent the past week on a mission trip with the youth of my church in the Binghampton neighborhood of Memphis, TN.  Binghampton is a blighted neighborhood which is slowly being revitalized through different organizations, led by the organization that we partnered with, Service Over Self (S.O.S.).

Our church took three teams to work on three different houses in the neighborhood.  14 students and 8 adults gave us three large work teams.

My crew was assigned to the home a a 78 year-old gentleman who was a Korean War vet. as well as a retired postal worker.  Our job for the week?  Reroofing the front of his house. (Have I mentioned that I am terrified of heights?)

Here's the group replacing bad roof decking.

Wednesday is a half day so that the groups can go out into the city of Memphis.  We visited the famous Peabody Hotel to view the city from the roof deck and to see the ducks in the fountain in the lobby.

We then walked two blocks to Beale Street.

In front of the Hard Rock Cafe there was a sign for the Pee Wee Saloon.  The two pee wee's in the group (myself and one of the students) decided that we really needed to have our photo taken in front of the sign.

It was a challenge, but we finished everything we were supposed to finish!  Here's the roof almost completed on Friday afternoon.

As far as I know, that's the extent of my summer travels for this year.  Unless something comes up last minute.  I'm looking forward to just being able to spend some time at home!


  1. When I visited Memphis 16 years ago I loved the Peabody and the ducks!

    You're a very good soul and it shows that you care a lot about people.

    Have a great summer

  2. It's SO great that you all did that! I know that the gentleman must have felt very blessed. And I know that it must have been HOT. HOT. HOT. on that roof!


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