Friday, July 30, 2010

Movie Friday: Roman Holiday

I have a stack of movies piling up that I have collected and not yet watched.  Darn that $5 bin at Walmart!  One of the movies that I plucked out of the bin at some point was Roman Holiday.  I have yet to watch it; I'm thinking that I'm going to be set for those cold winter weekends though (they'll be here all too soon!).

This 1953 romantic comedy stars Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, who won an Academy Award for her performance.

I have never watched this movie, but I think almost everyone has seen a clip or a picture of the scene of Hepburn and Peck riding the Vespa scooter through Rome.

To get all of the details for the movie (plot, cast, awards, and more), visit the Wikipedia article for the movie here.

Have a wonderful Friday!  Wow - I've posted three days in a row!  How did that happen?  I promise things will get back to normal once school starts again and my life is back to the same old routines!


  1. Did you know, in the scene when Hepburn is filming the sights of Rome and falls backwards into the river, She knew how dirty the water was so she spent almost 2 hours getting ready to take the backward fall into that filth but she didnt wipe her eyes after she fell in and got out, Because of this they became infected. a plauged her for the rest of her life.

  2. Love that film I too am always buying cheap old films and have them stacked up waiting for me to watch! And Mick that's awful I didn't know that!


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