Friday, July 16, 2010

Movie Friday: Rear Window

Okay, I felt like it was time to bring some Hitchcock back to the blog.  My last Hitchcock was The Birds, which from the replies, seemed to be loved by some and some of you seemed to be haunted by it.  Time to try again!

Here's some information from Wikipedia:

Rear Window is a 1954 American suspense film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, written by John Michael Hayes and based on Cornell Woolrich's 1942 short story "It Had to Be Murder". Originally released by Paramount Pictures, the film stars Jimmy Stewart as a photographer who spies on his neighbors while recuperating from a broken leg; Grace Kelly as his girlfriend; Thelma Ritter as his nurse; Wendell Corey as a police detective; and Raymond Burr as one of the neighbors.

I don't have this one in my collection, and it's been several years since I last watched it on TV (I don't get any stations since the digital conversion, even with a converter box, and I don't have satellite or cable - life is so much nicer without the distraction of TV.  I do still have a TV to watch DVDs on.).  So, I may have to see if I can track down a copy, or else check to see if it has been uploaded to YouTube.  Have a great Friday!  Wow, this week went by too fast!


  1. I don't have cable or satellite either, just watch DVDs. And I agree, life is better without the steady stream of negative nonsense pumped out by the media lol...

    And netflix rocks. =)

  2. Wow, I can't believe how much we all have in common. We don't have cable, well, we don't even have a TV. It just sort of happened. We gave the TV to my son, and planned to get another one, but never did. We put up an aquarium instead. We'd like to be able to watch movies now and then, as well as a few sports programs. We keep saying we will get a TV, but, we just keep forgetting about it. There is so much other stuff to do.

  3. During My friends stay at the Casablanca we sat on the roof and I gave the Jimmy Stewart like narration of the the people who live around my place! haha Bet you can just guess what I had to say abotu some of them haha! Great movie pick!


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