Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Follow Up

Last Friday I posted a question for everyone to give input on.  I had received a package I had ordered off the big auction site, and discovered that it cost the seller more to ship it than I paid for the item and shipping combined.  They are a new seller, so I presumed that they just didn't know what they were doing yet.  I asked if I should offer to compensate the seller for the extra shipping costs.  I appreciate all of your thoughts and input, but before I ever received a comment, I got into PayPal and sent the seller a payment to make up for the extra shipping charges, along with a message about what the payment was for.  I felt that it was the right thing to do.

Now, if you were the seller, wouldn't you contact the buyer and acknowledge the extra payment in some way?  Some simple statement of gratitude for their act of kindness (after all, I was in no way obligated to right their wrong) seems appropriate, does it not (you know, a quick email message)?  Maybe my expectations of humanity are too large.  After 5 days, I have heard nothing from the seller.  I didn't expect anything over the weekend as it was a holiday weekend, but after 5 days, I'm sure that they know about receiving the payment.

Now I'm just irritated.  I tried to do the right thing, but was completely ignored.  I don't think that I will consider buying from this seller again, and most likely the next time that a seller makes a mistake like this, I'll just let them eat the extra cost.

So, was I expecting too much to think that I might get a simple "thank you" from the seller?

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  1. You did it because it's a nice thing to do, not for the 'thanks'.

    BUT, I did the same thing years ago, and the seller emailed back exactly this:


    And that's it. It kind of put me off, too.

    I'll also say, my paypal email is one I don't often check, so a seller refunded an overpayment of shipping, and I didn't know until weeks later. I don't think I ever followed up. My bad! But I sure appreciated it.

  2. Mama always said, you are only responsible for your own manners, not everybody else's. :)

    And yes, I would be a little ticked, but... hey, it's Christmas.

  3. Some people are so self absorbed they have no idea what's going on around them.

    A thank you would've been nice. As a seller I send back money to buyers if my shipping quote was too high. I very rarely receive a thank you, but I feel good that I was honest and that's what counts to me.

  4. You did the right thing and that should be reward enough for you...don't feel irritated, it's just the times we live in. Besides you know the old good deed goes unpunished!

  5. Just because that's "the times that we live in" does not make it right. I feel that phrase is used as an excuse for just about anything. People need to stop making excuses for people and start holding them accountable for their actions.