Monday, December 20, 2010

Movie Monday: The Polar Express

I know that it isn't Friday - but I had one too many Christmas movies to share...and one too few Fridays to share them.  So, we'll begin and end this week with movies!

This great 2004 movie is based on the absolutely amazing children's book written and illustrated by Chris Val Allsburg.  The Polar Express is my absolute favorite children's book to share with my students at school.  It always gets me choked up.  I always try to have a little silver sleigh bell with me when I read the book, and I ring it at the end.  It's so magical to see the way the kids light up when they hear the bell after hearing about it in the book.  I can remember my teachers reading it to me when I was little in school.  I was ecstatic when the movie came out.

So, here it is - the 2004 movie that is bound to become a holiday classic.  The Polar Express.  Want to know more about the movie?  Here's a link to the Wikipedia article over the movie.

I know at least one of Chris Van Allsburg's other books has been made into a movie as well.  Anybody remember Jumanji?

Have a great Monday!

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