Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Conference Finds

So, on my way out of town to the conference Friday morning, I run across a sign for a garage sale.  I'm running a little ahead of schedule, so I make a quick trip by.  I picked up a DVD player for the spare room, and the above carafe.  This ceramic carafe is marked on the bottom (c) C. Miller 1957.  I really don't know anymore about it.  I loved the style, and I picked it up for a quarter.

Then, on my 2 hour long lunch break the first day of conference, I went to the shop Funtiques, which specializes only in mid-century goods.  As I said before, I drooled through the whole store, but I restrained myself and only picked up this nice green planter.  There is not manufacturer marking on it that I can find.  It was a bargain for $2.

Then on Saturday, I remembered that I had passed a Salvation Army Thrift shop on my way into town, so on my 2 hour lunch break that day, I ran over there.  There were a few neat mid-century things, like a cool old blender (that I didn't need - again I restrained myself).  I picked up two things here.  First, the above trash can.  I think that I matches the laundry hamper in the bathroom much better than my other metal trash can, so I'm going to switch them out.  It was 30% off day so I was able to get this for $1.40.

I also picked up this fun Tiki piece.  I guess it would be a vase, but I'm not sure.  The design is the same on the front and the back.  Again, there is no manufacturer mark on this either.  I've been thinking that this would be fun to put together with some other things for a fun summer give-away.  Hmmm...time to get creative.

I also bought a big stack of books that date back to the late 1800s through the 1940s at the history and archives sale at the conference.  They are such attractive pieces to use for display.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Even though it's unmarked your planter is McCoy--it is shown on page 20 of their 1973 catalog. I thought it looked familiar since I have one, too, so I knew it was in the McCoy book. It doesn't show a value but I'd say probably about $20-25. On the other hand, the Tiki thingie is, I believe, a tumbler--I have some just like it, too, and I think I got it at World Market. I love the glaze.

  2. The tiki is a glass meant to have an exotic drink and an umbrella in it! YUM

    I'm a sucker for girlie drinks!

    I love your 1957 carafe, it's quite a find :)

  3. I third that -- the tiki thing is for a drink like maybe a Zombie.

    Miller might be Miller Studios of California.

  4. oh, I LOVE that tiki thing! I was out of town this past weekend, but the only day I could shop (Sunday) all of the thrift stores were closed. The possibilities of out-of-town-thrifting are exciting!

  5. Love the green planter. How do you use and/or display your planters? That's a cool piece of fabric behind your finds -- is it a curtain or a shower curtain? Also love the irony in the fleur-di-lis wastebasket -- something so regal for holding trash!

  6. Wow great finds! Like the others, I love the Tiki guy...

  7. Great finds Michael! Iv never seen anything like that tiki vase/tumbler/thing but its neat!

  8. So, Christine, are you telling me that the planter is "the real McCoy" LOL - sorry, couldn't resist! Glad to hear that it has such a high value! That always makes a purchase more exciting!

    JKaye - Most of my planters are stored in boxes at the moment until I figure out what to do with them. I have several of them in the bathroom...I put all the stuff in my pants pockets in one at night (keys, change, etc), one is filled up with hotel soaps and shampoos, and I grab stuff out of that when I go on camping trips, or trips where I'm not staying in a motel, one in my bedroom is full of they're pretty spread out and used for all sorts of different things, which reminds me...I have one that I need to get out that is the perfect shape and size to put bills that need to be paid in...

    The piece of fabric is my shower curtain, I though it might make a nice backdrop. I found it on

    And everyone, if you like the Tiki piece, keep an eye on my blog this summer...I have a feeling you will be seeing it in a give away that I'm just starting to think about! (It's really cool, but Tiki isn't really my thing.)

  9. Whoa, I just found that tiki's twin out here in CA.

    LOVE the little green planter!!


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