Friday, June 11, 2010

Movie Friday: Robin Hood: Men in Tights

I'm really in the mood for some comedy today, so I decided that Robin Hood: Men in Tights was probably the best way to go.  This hilarious movie dates to 1993.  Vintage? No. Classic comedy? Yes!  I had completely forgotten about Nike pumps until I picked up my copy of this movie in the $5 bin last year.  There are several things in this trailer that I don't remember watching on the DVD copy...maybe I need to check the deleted scenes.

If you want more info on the movie, including the list of actors, click here.

Have a great Friday!  I'm heading out to the lake after work!


  1. YES! Im a Huge Mel Brooks fan, Its hard to have a favorite movie of his, but this is provably it! I like Blazzing Saddels, Young Frankenstien, and History of the world part 1. all his movies get played at the Flamingo pretty often. have a good friday!

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE this movie, every single bit of it. My husband and I watch it whenever it comes on cable. Of course our favorite Mel Brooks film is "Blazing Saddles" but they're all great. Wonderful pick for this week, Michael.

  3. It's been forever since I've seen this movie! But you can never go wrong with any Mel Brooks flick... and "Blazing Saddles"... and "Young Frankenstein" I never get tired of 'em.


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