Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The "Other" Floor Lamp

When I shared the photos of the things that I got at my elderly friend's estate sale this past Saturday, Mick quickly picked up on the gold floor lamp with the three adjustable lamps.  His comment was "SCORE SCORE SCORE on the little table, the clock, and the floor lamp! That clock will look Amazing hung up in the Shack! id put all 3 things in the den haha."

To which my reply was "Mick, the floor lamp...well, I'm not sure about it. I already have an amazing floor lamp with adjustable lights that I'm going to use in the den. I don't think I've ever blogged about it. I'll share it sometime."

I think the time has come.  So, above you see a photo of the amazing floor lamp that I already have with the three adjustable lamps.  Each lamp is on it's own post, each post a different length.  It's beautiful black with brass accents.  I bought it when I was in high school, over 10 years ago, at a local flea market.  I think I gave somewhere in the $10 - $15 range for it (it's been a few years).  I love that I can adjust the light to just where I want it.

I also know that it is the correct age for my house.  The following scan is from my copy of the Spring and Summer 1960 Montgomery Ward catalog that I have.

You may want to click on the catalog page to enlarge it.  You can see my beautiful lamp on the far left, originally selling in 1960 for $15.95.  Available in black or coffee (brown).  The pole lamp on the far right reminds me of the one that Atomic Living blogged about a few days ago.

So, just for your review, here is a photo of the one that I bought Saturday:

I agree that it's attractive, but I don't think it is quite the show stopper that the black one is.  But, that's just my opinion.  One thing that I do really like about the all brass one is that the shades have a design punched into the metal at the end.

Once again, here is my black lamp:

So, now I ask you, my readers: which adjustable floor lamp do you prefer?

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. If it were ME, I'd find a spot in the house for both of them but then I'm the Queen of Overdecorating and I don't think you have the same problem. I like both of them and certainly wouldn't be able to choose one over the other. That's just too cool that you found the catalog page with the black floor lamp!

  2. I'm with Christine-Surely there is room for both! Be careful with those beauties, they get HOT!

  3. I prefer the gold one. I like the shades shape best. But then again I haven't seen your decor!

    So cool you found the ad with your black lamp in.

  4. Definitely the black one, it's beautiful! But like the others say, it's OK to have more than one, just put it in a different room, or build an addition for it!

  5. Take it from can never have enough lamps/lights!!!! hahahaha but then again I got a problem so maybe you better not take it from me!

    MaryDeluxe :)

  6. I agree with everyone else, I'd find room for both!

  7. Find room for both! Put the Black one in the den like you planned! With the brass on your Sunburst clock, paired with the black legs of your little table it will look great!

  8. You're right. It's DEFINITELY the black one that grabs your attention. It's got more class!

  9. I prefer the black lamp with brass trim, because I love that color combination. These lamps remind me of a story from when I was a kid in the 60s. I overheard my mom talking about several of my cousins, boys who were holy terrors. Their mom had gotten a pole lamp for the living room, the type that went from floor to ceiling, as shown in the ad. My mom said disapprovingly that those boys had climbed up that pole lamp like monkeys, swinging from it to land on the couch. Mom said they just tore that lamp to pieces. It sounded like great fun to me, and I wished we had a pole lamp too. Instead, my mom was into a traditional "early American" look, and we had a lamp very similar to the one labelled "M" in the ad -- in black with brass trim.

  10. The black one, by far! So much more detail, and it looks in better shape. Stan


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