Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vintage Flintstones Commercial

I wonder how this would be accepted if it were from a modern cartoon?  Not too well would be my guess.  Apparently, during it's first season, The Flintstones was sponsored by Winston Cigarettes. 

Now, I'm not saying that I agree with this at all, but it is a piece of historic mid-century Americana, and when I ran across it, I felt like I just had to share it!  Of course, American culture has changed greatly since the introduction of The Flintstones (and so has our knowledge of the danger of smoking).  Back when this came out, many people smoked, and was considered the "in" thing to do.  It's a short little video, just a little over a minute long, so take a moment and check it out!


  1. Yeah, that was so typical of the day - "everyone" advertised cigarettes.

  2. I got chuckle when I watched this. Seems so wrong to see cartoon characters smoking, however even all the old Life magazines and such were full of page after page of cigarette adds. What gets me is the wives doing all the chores while the boys slink away to the backyard to sit a spell. I'm glad some things have changed.

  3. Loved this show. I can remember my family gathering to watch it, with a bowl of popcorn and Barq's rootbeer for a snack. Don't remember this commercial, but it probably wouldn't have seemed weird, because my dad smoked at that time. Everybody's dad seemed to smoke at that time! Eventually my dad did quit, due to health problems. Can you imagine SpongeBob with a cigarette?


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