Friday, June 18, 2010

Movie Friday: National Velvet

This week, as Mick prepares for his big party down in Texas, I thought I would share a Mickey Rooney movie...Get it? Mick...Mickey? Okay, I'll stop trying to be funny.

So, here's the rundown (straight from Wikipedia):

National Velvet is the story of a twelve-year girl, Velvet Brown, living in Sewels, in Sussex, England, who saves a horse from the knacker's yard and trains it for the Grand National steeplechase, aided by her father's hired hand, a young drifter, Mi Taylor. The fictional horse which Velvet Brown trained and rode in the National is called "The Pie." When she discovers that the Latvian jockey hired to ride the Pie doesn't believe he can win, she disguises herself as a male jockey and rides the horse to victory. Elizabeth Taylor was given "The Pie" as a birthday gift after filming was over.

Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney, it's a great classic film!

Have a great Friday!


  1. In high school we watched this movie in Theater I think it was, and I remember I was the ONLY one who was excited about it, AND I was also the only one besides the teacher who knew Liz from her Movies and NOT some grandma perfume! Have you ever seen Liz's first movie musical? "A Date with Judy" from 1948? It features lots of wellknow faces (Carmen Miranda as a dance teacher) and many others! Cant wait to see ya tomorrow! Have a safe drive!

  2. Great classic movie! :) I've seen it several times. They used to run it on PBS about once a year. It's one of few movies that follow the book fairly closely.

  3. Very cool. I've always wanted to see this one. Yay Liz!


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