Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quick Update

Hey everyone!  I'm at a church conference this weekend, so even though I have my laptop with me, I probably won't do a big post until Tuesday. 

I'm at the United Methodist Church Missouri Annual Conference, which is a gathering of all the pastors across the state as well as one lay member from each church.  I'm the lay member from my congregation.  I've been here 5 times!  A lot of people think that it sounds boring, but to me, it is really interesting.  Lots of great worship time, workshops for building your church and deeper growth, and of course, business matters that need to be dealt with (I love the business end of things).  It's quite crowded, with approximately 1,800 people in attendance.  So large that it has to be held in an Expo Center!

I'm at a fun motel that dates back to 1937, right on old highway 66.  My part of the motel was built in the 1950s, and while the motel has been remodeled and is very nice, most of the bathroom is original.  Very cool tub, toilet and tile work!  I've taken pictures, and as soon as I'm home to my desktop computer, I'll share them.

Of course, I have taken time to go to a couple of flea market / antique malls during spare time.  I found one amazing store called Funtiques that only deals in mid-century items.  I walked through the whole store drooling, and left restraining myself very well, only purchasing one beautiful green planter that was in a half-off booth for $2.  Not that I wasn't tempted to bring lots of stuff home.  There were even mid-century bedspreads, drapes, rugs, everything you would need.  A beautiful bedroom set, great sofas and chairs, lamps of course, dinette sets, and starburst clocks (mostly in the below $50 range).  Everything was reasonably priced.  I found an amazing sofa that I loved (but would not go anywhere in my house...too big and wrong color) that looked like it was brand new for $290.  I think that's a steal for a shop!  I'll have to put that shop on my frequent visit list when I'm in town for the conference each year.

Hope you all have had a great weekend!


  1. Wow! I want to go to Missouri! You folks who live anywhere but where I live find the most insanely great deals!!


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