Thursday, June 10, 2010

Funtiques Market

I mentioned in a few of my posts that I visited an amazing mid-century themed store over the weekend while at my conference.  Today I want to share that store with you.  It is called Funtiques Market, located in Springfield, MO.  I can't find a website for them, but they do have a Facebook page that you can see here.

According to their page:

"Funtiques Market opened April of 2009. We are located at 1135 E Commercial Street in Springfield, Mo. Our hours are Mon - Sat 10 - 5. We specialize in fun retro, deco, mid century, antique and vintage items from the '40s -70s."

I have several photos to share of the kinds of things that you can find in their shop.  Please note, these aren't my photos...I got them from their Facebook photo album.

First of all is the photo above.  This is the amazing sofa that I found that looks like it is new.  They are asking $290 for it.  A great deal, in my opinion!

I believe that all of the above items have sold, at least I can't remember seeing them in their store.  Some of the photos in the album have been marked "sold."  The only one that I'm not sure of is the green sofa in the third picture.

I wasn't too big on this bedroom set, but I loved the bedspread!

I totally loved this crushed velvet headboard.

This four piece sectional was really somethingSomething that doesn't fit my taste, but I'm sure that someone will love having it in their home.  What I do love is the tile top coffee table displayed in front of the sectional.

Who wouldn't love having breakfast at this bright and cheery dining set?  I wasn't too sure about it when I saw it in photos, but when I saw it in person, I loved it.  Maybe it would be nice in a three season sun room?

Finally, a little sample of some more Danish style furniture.  They currently have a couple of Kent Coffey dressers (one tall, and the other long with mirror that you see above) for $325 per piece.

The only thing that I know the price on is the orange sofa in the lead photo, but almost everything in the store seemed incredibly reasonably priced.  If you're ever in Springfield, put it on your must visit list.  It's at the corner of Commercial and National!

I'm just thankful that I didn't have my truck with me over the weekend!

Please check out their Facebook page here, there a lots more photos!

Also, you can see their listings on Craigslist here.

Visit their Etsy store here.

Here is a great article another blog did on their store, with many more great photos!


  1. I had a sofa just like that green one! It was a sleeper sofa and weighed like 500lbs..or so the movers said!


  2. I too like the coffee tables tile work... Hmmmm makes me wonder if I could do somethign like that on the counter tops in the kitchen at the Casablanca... I really like the craftsma design on each end of it, then again 4 inch tiles would be more period... Hmmmm Looks like a great place to shop and visit!

  3. I'm personally not crazy about gold and green, BUT I love the way they have this displayed so nicely!

    Thanks for taking the time to take photos of this and show us!

  4. I wish wish wish I could teleport myself into that first picture. I LOVE all that stuff! I would probably bankrupt us if I were turned loose in that store--the prices are incredible.

  5. Great stuff! Thanks for these photos. I am realizing more and more that when I gripe about my house, I really should be griping about my furniture. For instance, I gripe about my dark, dreary dining area. But, I have dark, dreary furniture in it. What if I had that yellow dining set? I bet I'd have a very different attitude! Time to start a retro furniture fund.

  6. Hi Mike! I like the two yellow rooms, and the turquoise chair - fun!


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