Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Everyone Went to Mick's!

Sorry for no post for a few days!  This past weekend I took a road trip to Texas!  Why?  To go to Mick's!  Mick celebrated 5 years of owning the Casablanca Hotel and Resort with a huge 1950s themed party!  Can you spot yours truly in the photo above?

It was a great time, and I'll let Mick tell you all about the activities of the evening on his own at his blog.  I can tell you though, if you weren't there, you missed out!

It was great to meet a fellow blogger, too.  The party started around 5:30 and I didn't leave until almost 1:30 Sunday morning.  Do you know how long it has been since I've been up that late?  Nope, neither do I!  It was a great time, and it was great to meet Mick and see the Casablanca in person.  He's got a really cool place.

After I'd been there for a bit, I took Mick's gift in to him, and he had something for me as well!  Look at this amazing planter for my collection!  Mick gave it to me to celebrate having 50 followers.  Thanks Mick!

He also gave me my very own set of pink flamingos for the Shack!  So, please meet Francine and Pauline!  Here they are, sunning themselves by my antique park bench in the front yard.

Finally, you can't drive down I-44 through Oklahoma and not stop at the Vinita McDonald's!  Supposedly "the nation's largest McDonald's," this amazing restaurant sits over the Interstate!  The building is like a huge bridge.

See the Interstate running under it?  It was a fun place to stop, and watch the traffic moving under you while you ordered, but it was insanely crowded, so I got my food to go.

I got home in time Sunday afternoon to celebrate Father's Day and my parent's 30th wedding anniversary!  It was a busy weekend, but so much fun.

Thanks for inviting me, Mick!

Be sure to catch up on the happenings of Saturday evening on Mick's blog!


  1. I'm so glad you drove to the CH&R! It looked so fun!

    Thanks for posting about it :)

  2. Im so glad you had a good time, we loved having you! It was nice to meet you, and Im thrilled it was worth the drive :)

  3. If he thinks I'm gonna wait FIVE YEARS to visit him he's got a hole in that cute little head! After seeing the pix and hearing about the party I'm spending my next va-cay there, for sure. ZootSuitMama and yours truly felt so bad about our last-minute cancels and we truly missed a great party. Love your shirt BTW!

  4. So cool that you went to Mick's party. The planter is cool, the flamingos are cool, and the interstate McD's is really cool!


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