Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Amazing Vintage Photos

My little town has quite a colorful history.  There have been a couple of famous people that have lived here.  Wyatt Earp?  Yup, he was here.  Harry S Truman?  Check that one as well.

I purchased a box lot at that auction on Saturday, which was filled with several old magazines.  In the bottom of the box (why are the best finds always in the bottom of the box?), was an old photo processing envelope from 1944 complete with 15 negatives and 16 photos.  What did I find in the photos?  Take a look!

The man in the passenger seat?  That's Harry S Truman!  He came to my town in 1944 to give his Vice-Presidential nomination acceptance speech.  The lady whose estate I purchased these from attended the event.  It must have been exciting!

Thankfully, the house in the background is still standing so I can identify where this photo was taken.

Little towns love parades!  This was a great occasion to have one!

People congregating on the square, Post Office in the background.

There is a monument in front of the courthouse steps now in the location where Truman gave his acceptance speech.

Sadly, the beautiful building in the background of this photo burnt during the fair 6 years ago or so.  It's now just a big vacant lot.

I collect memorabilia from my town.  I would love to know what the expression was like on my face when I pulled these photos out of the little envelope!

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Wow wow WOW!!

    Keep those negatives in a nice dark DRY place, okay?! You can have them scanned and get even better prints of these wonderful snaps.

  2. Wow! Another score!!!

    I only find dirt in the bottom of boxes lol =(

  3. What an awesome moment in history! Great find!

  4. Look at that Lamar Letter sweater! How exciting to actually have stuff from H.S.T. speech stop! will on of the car pictures make it into your collage?!


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