Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Historic Home

Today I want to continue sharing another historic home from my town, past and present.  Earlier this summer I shared a dilapidated house that had gone on the market.  Along with that post, I shared a photo of what the house looked like when it was built.

Today's home is an 1896 Victorian known around town as the Wiedman (pronounced "wide-man") house.  The house has been altered some from it's original look as seen in the photo above.  The porch columns have been changed and the staircase where the children are standing has been removed.  However, the house still looks fairly close to the above photo.

At some point, my guess would be it was probably around the time that the porch was altered, the house had asbestos siding added.  Even though it is a very mid-century type of siding, it doesn't detract from the Victorian home much at all.  It's still a stately old home that many people (myself included) would love to own.

Have a great Wednesday!

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