Monday, November 15, 2010

Blueprint Monday

I thought I would share another house plan from the 1955 Celotex book of Today's New Homes.  This is the book that the floor plan I picked out if I ever get to build came from.

Isn't the elevation of this place great?  I love the roofline and the floor to roof window in the living room.  It really catches the eye.

The square footage varies depending on whether you choose to have a basement or not.  With a basement, the square footage is just over 1500, but without the basement, the house pushes 1600 square feet.

Either way, you get 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths, with a living room, dining room, multi-use room and a patio.  I'm thinking that if I were to build this house, I would make the kitchen and the multi-use room one large eat-in kitchen and turn the patio space into a family room.

Here is the information that was included with the plan.  Click on any of the above pictures to see them larger.

I've made it to 95 followers!  Welcome to my new followers!  When I reach 100, I'm planning on doing another giveaway.

Have a great Monday!


  1. Have you seen that Linden Homes have released some kit homes (perhaps they have a different term for them) that are Mid Century Modern. They sort of remind me of this blueprint. I would so move into this home tomorrow if I could.

  2. Wow, we have a house that looks nearly identical to that in our neighborhood. Placement of the front door is a bit different, but the roof lines and windows are the same. Love the style!

  3. I am getting nothing done at work but reading your blog! That is totally my dream house too :)


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