Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Little Love for AMC

Poor AMC, the unloved step-child of the American automotive industry.  They never found many people to love them.  After all of these years, the only division of AMC still in production is Jeep.  When Chrysler bought the company in the 1980s, there was Jeep and Eagle, but Chrysler stopped production of Eagle in the late 1990s.  At least we still have Jeep!  Where would Daisy Duke have been without hers?

So, today I want to share some vintage AMC commercials.  Maybe you can find a little room in your heart to love them?  Maybe not.

Have a great Thursday.  Thursday?  Already?  Sheesh!  Time flies when you keep yourself busy!


  1. Ugh! Pacers!

    Double ugh! Gremlins!

  2. BTW, we still have our 1993 Cherokee (original owners). Here it is, about 30,000 miles ago:

  3. I drove a Gremlin for years! Loved it! Crazy me!

  4. I can totally understand why people hate AMC, because some of their cars were indeed ugly. However, I have a 1975 AMC Matador that I have had since high school and it holds a place in my heart. My great grandmother always had Ramblers, and then an AMC before she died, and now I have it. Thanks for spreadin some AMC love, and check out the post on my blog about my own AMC!

  5. Great -- my husband walks in the room right when I click on your blog, and he sees Daisy Duke. So he had to look at Daisy for awhile, and then watch all of these car commercials. And all I was hoping to do was look at some Pyrex! Actually, the car commercials are always fun. These AMC ads reminded me of how much I wanted an AMC Eagle back in the 80s. It was like an early version of a Subaru Outback, but never as popular.

  6. Haha I think some of AMC's cars are so ugly they're kinda cute! I kinda see the Pacer that way... I had a 58' AMC Rambler I loved, but had to sell due to awful rust issues...Still, those old Ramblers will always hold a place in my heart! (It was fun driving it when it felt like running!)


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